My husband is a farm hand on his family’s dairy farm.  A definite perk of working on a farm is the “bonus.”  This bonus doesn’t come in the form of money, but rather beef.  (And if you ask me, that’s just as good (and much tastier 😉 ) .)  His family raises an animal specifically for butchering.  About once each year, they send her in.  We “know” the meat and where it’s been.  (You don’t get that at the grocery store.)  It is delicious.  They had one recently sent in and now our chest freezer is bursting (along with our “regular” freezer) to the point that I have to be careful not to buy too many frozen foods at the store!  I’m NOT complaining.  I feel SO grateful to have good, quality meat!  🙂  (And cuts that we wouldn’t normally be able to afford.)  What a true blessing!