Our basement has become the “dumping ground” this week.  After a record number of clean-ups on Tuesday and an over-snuggly day on Wednesday, we decided that Christian needed to see the doctor to rule out another UTI.  Thankfully (because of a 1/2-day of school on Thurs.), I was able to schedule an appointment for right after school.  Christian’s turned into a pro at peeing into the “hat” at the office.  🙂  Unfortunately, the fast results read negative, however, because he was showing symptoms similar to the last 2 times that he had a UTI, the doc decided to shoot him up with the antibiotic anyway.  Christian’s a trooper.  He was NOT happy about the shots, but gave the nurses high-fives as we left the office.  What a guy.  😉 

Too bad the antibiotic hasn’t been slowing down the bathroom issue.  Friday was at least 10 basement clean-ups (Christian didn’t have school).  Saturday — 5.  Today (so far) — 2.  Sigh.  I guess the number is decreasing, but I’d rather have it at a complete zero.  You know?!?

Liv has been testing Christian’s patience this week.  Constantly being right in the midst of what he is working on.  Wanting to do what he’s doing as soon as he starts doing it even if it’s something that she normally doesn’t care to do.  I guess that’s what little sisters do, huh???  So, Liv has been acting like a typical 3-year-old little sister and Christian is pretty frustrated with her right now…

I’ve been working on a new communication board for Christian.  Since he’s reading SO well and his PECS are kind of bulky to carry around, I printed off a bunch of words, stuck them to magnetic strips, and put them on a small magnetic dry erase board.  He hasn’t taken to it yet, but its new.  He does like the magnetic words, though, because he knows them and can read them.  I figure with the board being dry erase, too, we can just write a word on it if we don’t have it on a magnet.  I’m hoping it will be slick.  🙂  eventually…

Saturday — we braved the Agricultural Expo at the local fairgrounds.  Liv loves it.  They have a petting zoo.  🙂  Christian tolerates it, as long as he is riding in the wagon (which he is quickly outgrowing, especially if Olivia insists on riding in it with him).  It went fine.  Although, it’s really hard to maneuver a wagon in a crowded building.

Oh, and Christian decided to wake-up for the day at 3:30 (and, unfortunately, had only gone to bed around 11pm).  Thankfully, after the Ag Expo, Brian and Liv went back to take a nap and Christian was willing to lay down with me on the couch.  We were both sleeping within 5 minutes.  It’s the first time in a LONG time that he has taken a nap.  I’m SO glad that he did!  🙂

After supper last night, we headed over to my in-law’s church where they were having a Spring Blast.  They had events going on all day, but we were trying to catch the tail end of a concert and then the fireworks.  The concert was FANTASTIC!!!  The band Koine was playing.  Wow!  The awesomest (I know, NOT a real word) thing that happened was just watching Christian.  He immediately started dancing.  His dancing.  And he closed his eyes.  You could tell that he was just ABSORBING the music.  It was absolutely beautiful!  🙂  (I have to say that my eyes teared up a couple of times.)  He still did try (and succeed a few times) in running away and around and even once up front by the band eyeing up a banjo, but it was just so incredible to watch how the music of the hymns brought to life just moved him!  🙂

Christian and Olivia also LOVED the fireworks.  🙂  I could hear Christian say, “Fireworks!  I love!”  🙂  It was a really good show. 

Christian was pretty wound up, though, when we got home.  Between the music, fireworks, and his nap, he wasn’t able to fall asleep until after 11pm, but he stayed asleep through the night, so I have no complaints! 😉

What a week…

  • Monday — we found tiny holes in the majority of our cabinets.  The cabinets are only a 1-1/2 years old.  After searching the internet for awhile, I came across a page that possibly gave the answer to what was making the holes — powderpost beetles.  Yuck!  Thankfully, from what I read, the beetles will only hang out in the type of wood that they were born in — the ash wood that our cabinets are made out of, and we have no other ash wood in our home.  But, we still have to try to get rid of the beetle larva that are now chewing their way to the surface.  Sigh.  Hopefully we found something at the store that will combat this problem.  Yuck!  😦  Oh, and I stepped funny and did something horrible to my bad ankle.  I could hardly even walk on it and I have a fairly high pain tolerance.  Boo.  😦


  • Tuesday — my cell phone died first thing in the morning.  This wouldn’t be the biggest problem if my cell phone also wasn’t our “home phone” number.  Sigh.  😦  I had to go pick up Brian’s cell phone from the farm and then call the school and the therapists for the day and give them Brian’s number just in case they needed to get ahold of me for whatever reason.  Thankfully, Brian and I were able to go in to Radio Shack over his lunch break and upgrade our phones.  (We had our others for close to 3 years, so I guess that it was about time! 😉 )  We didn’t go for anything fancy (yet), as we are not really into texting or surfing the web on our phones, but I still think my new phone is cool, so I’m excited. 🙂  (Although, it was a bit of a pain transferring over all of the phone numbers, especially since my old phone was completely dead.  Like, blank screen dead.  I’m still chasing down the last few numbers that I know that I don’t have.  Note to self: make an actual list of all people’s numbers that are stored in cell phone!) Oh, and Olivia is officially enrolled in 4K for next school year.  Wow!


  • Wednesday —  I woke up and my ankle was miraculously feeling much better.  Not perfect, but good enough that I could go for a mile long walk.  Hurray!  🙂  The bad news — we are having random “pee problems” around the house.  Just whipping it out and letting go.  😦  Last time this was going on, there was a horrible UTI happening.  I hope that this isn’t the start of another UTI.  Not cool!  😦  We are trying a week of raw milk cheese again.  I’m very curious to see what happens.

I wonder what the rest of the week will hold…  😉

… Christian has a UTI.  A bad one and the start of an ear infection.  😦

He had his antibiotic shot.  😦  But should be feeling better by Noon tomorrow.  🙂  Which is great because we have Christmas with Brian’s family tomorrow night.

Now to see what our weather does…

Hmm…is Christian sick?  That is the question this morning. 😦

If I had to venture a guess, I would say he has a UTI.  Urgency.  Frequent trips to the bathroom without the ability to produce consistently.  Refusal to drink anything.  (Perhaps hurting when he pees?)  Hiding under the covers on his bed.  Wanting to snuggle instead of constantly running.  Feeling quite warm.  Etc.

Thankfully, I was able to schedule a doctor’s appointment for later in the day.  I hope that we will be able to find out what’s wrong before we leave the office.


Perhaps she will be able to tell me, too, whether or not the ankle that has been bothering me for a week most likely has a stress fracture.  I’m pretty sure it is.  Bummer.  😦

I’m finally taking Olivia in to get tested for a UTI.  After a month of being up a few times during the night because of accidental pee, I figured we’d at least, if nothing else, rule out the UTI.  (She used to get them every couple of months because she had renal reflux for which she had surgery for when she was 18-months-old and she has not had any issues with since.)  I am curious to see if this is causing the problem.  She used to be able to stay dry through the night at least 5 times a week.  We will see…

Sigh.  Our issue with middle of the night peeing remains.  I have set a “pee alarm” to get up and take Olivia to the bathroom at 2am (as she used to always pee between 3-5am), but now she is peeing by 11pm – 1am.  Sigh.  So I strip her bed, set her on the toilet, change her clothes, start the washing machine, and the two of us curl up on the couch for the rest of the night.

But some nights she doesn’t make it through the rest of the night without peeing again.  This morning I woke up soaked with pee.  Eww.  Sigh.  I have to get a better system going as this is getting rather old fast.

I’m not exactly sure what my next step should be.  I’m considering waking her before I go to bed (10:30-11pm) and try to get her to go, and then waking her again at 3am to try again.  I know this issue will eventually go away, but meanwhile I need to find a better way to deal with this.  I am tired of doing middle of the night laundry.

I’m also starting to wonder if she could have a bladder infection or UTI.  She used to have renal reflux and would get UTI’s every couple of months before she had surgery 2 years ago.  She hasn’t been complaining of pain with peeing, but it would make her have to go pee more often.