My Dear Christian–

What a blessing from God you are! 🙂

We are getting ready to fly to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks.  You are practicing watching your “movies” on the portable DVD player with headphones.  I’m so proud and surprised by how much you love to do this since you despise having anything (or anyone) touch your head, especially your ears.

Daddy and I are so excited that you have started to say some words.  (We just wish it was consistently.)  This morning you were watching a video about counting to 5 and we both heard you say, “Five.”  🙂  So happy!!!  A few nights ago it sounded like you said, “Hi Grandpa” to Grandpa H on the phone — that made his day!  I hope this talking continues and grows so that we can spend less time being frustrated with each other.  🙂

I love you, my son!  Remember what it says in Psalm 128:1– Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.  Please trust in him all of your life.  He has given you great challenges, but will help you through them, too!

All my love,  Mommy


My Dearest Christian–

We have been on the road for nearly two weeks now.  It is interesting to watch how you react to different situations and/or people.  You have been very interested in cousin, JKJ, this week since she can show you how to do things that you haven’t even begun to think about doing yet.  I wonder what sort of new habits you will go home with from her?!?  🙂

Daddy and I caved in and got a portable DVD player for our long trip.  I’m not sure what kind of technology you will have by the time you are reading this, but it was well worth the investment.  You could watch your “Baby Einstein” movies and we could continue driving without you making too much of a fuss.

We made it to Wisconsin in 26 hours (including our stops)!  Thank you for being such a good traveler!  🙂

As in the words to one of your lullabye songs, “Peace be still.  The Lord is near!”  Sleep well, my child.  We love you.  🙂

All my love,  Mommy

Dear “Peanut”,

We have had quite a number of excursions to the pool this year already.  You are one that Daddy and I need to watch very closely.  You don’t fear the water and will run right up to the edge of the pool and jump in if we’re not careful.  Perhaps some sort of survival “swimming” lessons would be ideal for you.  It would be good for you to know how to float face up in the pool in case you fell in!

We are driving up to see family again in 1-1/2 weeks.  We are driving through in one straight shot (trying to get it over with at once).  We’ll have to see how that goes.  We get to spend 2 weeks up there this summer.  Week 1 will be with Grandma & Grandpa V. and week 2 with Grandma & Grandpa H.  We decided this year not to travel so much between the two places, hoping to have a more relaxing vacation and that after a couple of days in one place you will maybe “warm-up” to the grandparents a little more.  You are so used to being around Mommy & Daddy pretty much all of the time that you really don’t take to anyone else too eagerly.  You should be able to see all of your aunties and uncles, too, except for Auntie B and Uncle N, who just moved out to the southwest this week.  We may not get to see them very often with the distance between us.  That’s too bad.  (I miss your Auntie B.)  Anyway, we hope you travel well in the car!  :)

May God bless you as you sleep tonight, my dear child.  May you sleep long and wake well rested.  Tomorrow will be another wonderful day to explore new things in God’s creation.  :)

All my love, Mom

P.S.  This is the Bible verse your father and I had used as a sermon text for our wedding: Ecclesiastes 4:12 – “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  If you are blessed with a wife someday, may the two of you, along with your Savior, be the cord of three strands.  With the Lord on your side, you can never be broken!  Let him be your strength when you are weak.  Nothing is ever too big or too small for Him to handle, just take it to Him in prayer.  :)

(I just had to slip in my piece of advice for the day.  I am your mother, you know!)  :)

My Dear Christian,

You are becoming more and more sure in your walking these days.  You are so funny — you walk for a number of steps then fall on your bottom and then smile and clap your hands.  You are wonderful!  🙂

Your carseat was turned around this week so that it now faces forward.  You can actually see where we are going now when we are driving and also stretch out your long legs.  You seem to like it during the day, but aren’t too sure about it at night yet — but you never did like the dark much in the car anyway.

Your nasty cold is still hanging on, so your sleeping habits have gotten pretty bad.  Soon we will need to start working on that again.  I just wish you would sleep through the night on your own again.  That would be the easiest on all of us!

You surely are a gift from God!  We love you so much.  🙂

All my love, Mommy

Dearest Christian,

You survived another trip (via airplane) to visit family.  The grandparents were especially happy to see you and hear your little giggle.  That could send a smile to anyone’s face!  You received so many wonderful gifts that Grandpa V. had to send some down to us — they should come tomorrow, although I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun with the box that everything comes in.  If only we all were so easily entertained!  You met your cousin, JJB, for the first time and seemed intrigued because he is smaller than you.  We were also told that Auntie B and Uncle N are expecting a baby in August.  Another cousin for you!  🙂

You are a riot!  You gabber away and love to bounce.  You are so fun to watch and play with.  Daddy and I can just see you understanding something new everyday.  Today, you touched sand and the Atlantic ocean for the first time — that was very neat to see!  I love you, my little one!

I have a wish for your future tonight.  I hope that in the years to come we will always be close.  I think of that sometimes as I rock you in the night back to sleep and how years from now I will not be able to comfort you like that anymore.  I’m sure that I will wish that I could so the only thing that I can hope for is a close relationship with you.  I will always love you, my dear son, even if I sometimes fail to say it!  You are indeed a blessing from God that I will cherish as long as I live.  You are such a special, bright boy now and I’m sure you will grow into a special, intelligent man in the future (probably too soon for a mother’s taste).  I am filled with pride whenever I look at you, son, and I always will be.

Keep your faith going strong.  Pray for the Lord to guide you.  If I can leave you with nothing else as a legacy, I pray that it will be heaven someday and knowing what a wonderful, loving God we have.  You are so special to Him.  What an honor it is that He has given me to be your mother and raise you in His way.  I pray for the wisdom to do that the best that I can and apologize when I don’t (and haven’t).

I send a kiss to you, my boy!  Sleep well, I pray.  (Perhaps one of these days you’ll sleep through the night again…)

All my love, Mom

Dearest Christian–

In two weeks we will be traveling to spend Christmas with your grandparents.  I’m soexcited for you, my son!  I hope you will grow up knowing the true meaning of Christmas and valuing it, too.  I hope Daddy and I can teach you that.  Remember that Christmas is a celebration of our Savior’s birth — the other stuff is just fluff.  Don’t let the other stuff cloud the story of our God coming to earth to die for us.  That’s too important to cover up!

I love you, my little one!  I hope you will sleep well tonight.  That good habit hasn’t developed for you yet.

May the peace of God be with you, my son!  🙂

All my love, Mommy

My Dear Baby Boy,

Yesterday, Daddy went out and got us a minivan!  That’s exciting!  Now you won’t have to be crammed into the backseat with anything else that we need to transport and I’ll have better access to you when I’m driving.  There will also be room for any brothers and/or sisters you may have if the Lord decides to bless us that way in the future.

Son, know that Jesus love you and that your father and I love you.  You are a precious gift to us.  We are so honored to have you as a part of our lives.  You indeed are one of God’s miracles!  🙂

All my love,  Mom