Christian’s annual IEP meeting was held yesterday afternoon.  It went well.  Christian has met (and surpassed) all but one of his goals.  That was exciting to hear!  He is doing great with math and reading, so he will be able to move into a first grade setting in both of those areas (as well as music, art, and phy. ed.).  And he is in first grade reading this year, but he will be revisiting it again next year because of comprehension difficulties.  (I’m not sure if he’s not comprehending what he is reading or just unable to show what he is comprehending.  Either way, it warrants some more time there.  Christian will be getting second grade sight words, though, since he can read SO well.)  I also found out that he is needing very little sensory help at school (he must be saving ALL of that until he gets home 😉 ).  He still has scheduled breaks in his day, which I’m sure are needed, where he visits a smaller classroom (off of the large main classroom) and, of course, spells with letters from alphabet puzzles or writes words out on a Manga-doodle.  That sounds like him.  Unfortunately, when given the option on playing with his classmates or being alone (spelling), he will ALWAYS choose spelling.  I’m not surprised, but it was sad 😦 to hear that he doesn’t really seek out friends.  Does he want/need friends?  Does he feel lonely?  I wish I knew.  Anyway, overall, Christian’s doing REALLY well.  I’m excited for him! 🙂  (And now I’m eagerly waiting to get an actual copy of the IEP to read it over.)


On a not so happy note, our basement has (apparently) turned into a toilet.  We are scrubbing the carpet down there at LEAST once a day.  (Lately, it’s been at least three times/day.)  We are running out of paper towel, carpet cleaner, wipes, plastic bags, and patience quickly.  Sigh.  We are attempting to remain calm, but also teach C that if the poo or pee happens in the basement, he will be responsible for helping to clean it up.  Sigh.  I pray that this problem goes away quickly.  I’m tired of it.  (And our basement is starting to smell like a urinal.)  😦


I have also been emailing a world renown savant syndrome expert who lives in the area about Christian’s extraordinary reading/spelling ability.  He questioned Christian’s hyperlexia.  Hyperlexia?  I never even thought about hyperlexia, as no one had ever mentioned that about Christian before.  So does Christian have just hyperlexia or hyperlexia with autism or autism where his hyperlexia is a savant splinter-skill???  I have NO clue.  The only way to really find out is to get him tested by specialists.  Sigh.  The savant expert pointed me to a clinic in Illinois.  Sigh.  I don’t know that we are ready to venture down there to find out because I don’t know that it will change anything.  Really.  We would still need the same therapies and helps, so maybe we will just wait a few more years and see where Christian is at that time…


And now I’m back to considering a service dog for Christian.  (Revisiting this idea with Brian, too.  He’s concerned with all of the work that it would take to fund-raise for the dog and that he doesn’t really have time to help out with it.)  I have found a GREAT program in our state that has great support and excellent dogs.  If we do pursue a service dog, this is the organization that I would like to work with.  I also found out that the dog would NOT be allowed to attend school with Christian, so something else that we need to consider, but I think a dog would be a WONDERFUL thing for Christian.  I can envision him blossoming. 🙂  Hmm…so much to think about…

…and now I’m exhausted…  😉


I’m sure you have all been waiting breathlessly by your computers to see what has happened in the wake of the gluten-FILLED toast incident on Saturday.

The BIGGEST change has been sleep, or lack there of.  Christian hasn’t been able to go to sleep before midnight the last two nights and keeps me up until after he falls asleep.  I am, literally, a walking zombie mom today.  (So tired that I was part of a bumper-bump in the parking lot at school this morning.  I was leaving while someone else was coming.  Our bumpers bumped.  No damage to either vehicle.  I’m thankful to say that the other driver just shrugged it off.  Whew.  I definitely didn’t run any extra errands this morning though.)  However, I am thankful that at least there is something on TV in the late evening — thank you Olympics!!!  😉

Sitting through church and Sunday school were an extra special challenge yesterday.  Christian volume knob was stuck at full-blast and I didn’t have enough snacks along to keep his mouth busy the entire time.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  What could I do?

Christian’s been sensory seeking a bit more than normal, too.  Crashing constantly.  Literally bouncing off of the walls and doors.  Running while shaking his head back and forth — therefore running into anything that happens to get in his way.  Manic laughing and screaming.  Climbing everything and everyone…

…but his teachers said that they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at school today.  I guess that’s a blessing, right?!?  He’s comfortable enough to leave the fall-out for home.  🙂

Christian’s red hat went missing at school yesterday.  The staff decided that they would leave it at school so that it wouldn’t get lost on their field trip, but when I went to bring him home it was not to be found.  We looked for 15 minutes!  The Lost and Found was even searched, but still no sign of it.  😦

Red Hat has become a fixture on Christian’s head in the last three weeks.  He wears it CONSTANTLY!  It’s just a plain, red bucket hat that had actually been Olivia’s, but she decided that she didn’t want it anymore and it immediately became Christian’s favorite.  It sat a little snug on his head, which I think he liked from a sensory-pressure standpoint.  He would wear it EVERYWHERE, including church and bed.  (He allowed it off for showers and dressing purposes and would allow it to wait for him in his backpack at school.)  He would even wake up in the middle of the night and put it back on if it had fallen off.  He was pretty heart-broken that it had gone missing.  😦

After we had been home for awhile yesterday, he even started calling for it — “Red Hat?  Red Hat, where are you???”  To no avail.  Red Hat did not come out of it’s hiding spot.  Christian was quite upset with me when I couldn’t produce it and tried to explain that it was hiding at school.  His ex-favorite red baseball cap couldn’t fill the void.  He had a hard time falling asleep last night without it.  😦

Red Hat, if you’re out there somewhere and reading this, PLEASE come home!  Please, come out of hiding.  Christian misses you like crazy!

Christian is recovering pretty well from his duel ear infections and lung junk.  His cough still remains, but that is about it.  Well, except that we have had some regression in pooing issues.  Pooing issues that we haven’t seen in YEARS.  Pooing in the pants.  Why???  Could this possibly be related to his antibiotic shot from last Wednesday?  The first time it happened the poo was softer, which tends to happen to him with antibiotics.  I didn’t think much of it.  But then it happened on Monday afternoon.  And last night.  Huh.  I am doing my best to try and piece this mystery together.  Why is this happening all of the sudden?  (Even before he was potty-trained, Christian couldn’t stand the feel of poo in his pants and would undress before pooing (leaving a “surprise” on the floor of whatever room he had been in).  So this is highly unusual for us!)  I’m wondering if the antibiotics are no longer making his poo soft, but still making it come quickly before he can get to the toilet???  Perhaps?  Has anyone else been through this after their child had an antibiotic treatment?  I’m just trying to grasp what’s going on, so that I can be aware and possibly prevent it from happening again…

Oh, and then there are the MAJOR sensory issues we have been going through again.  Even MORE than normal.  Running while shaking his head.  Extreme crashing.  Extreme climbing.  Extreme need for heavy pressure.  I am looking forward to the sensory issues getting more back to our regular “routine.”  Although, I have found that my elastic headbands are working REALLY well to give Christian the constant head pressure that he is seeking!  Hurray for a simple solution!  🙂

And then there is the bus.  Christian vomited on the bus again this morning.  So, again, I was called to pick him up from school as soon as he got there.  Sigh.  I’m starting to wonder if his trip is just too long for him when he is having respiratory problems???  He is PERFECTLY fine now.  Running and eating and dancing and singing and jumping like normal.  He is still coughing, so my thought is that he coughed up some “junk” and then gagged and threw up.  And I’m guessing his gag reflex is activated a little easier on the bus because of his positioning with his harness.  Hmm… so, do I keep sending him on the bus when he is having respiratory issues or just drive him to school and know that he’ll be just fine?!?  (I will probably have to drive him in tomorrow as they will still sanitizing his harness.)

So, today, I’m playing detective.  Trying to get to the bottom of all of these issues.   (At least the sleep has been pretty good.  😉  )

…whatever that is!

Olivia’s “throw-up bug” was contained only to Friday.  Thank goodness!  I was glad that I had made the decision on Thursday afternoon to keep Christian home yet on Friday.  It worked out perfectly not to be having to drag a puking girl along to get him from school.  😉  As of 8am, yesterday morning, she was back to her normal-Olivia-self.  🙂  (i.e.  paging through the toy catalogs and telling us how “I loved this very blanket when I was a kid.”) 

Christian will have quite the adjustment getting back into the “normal” routine.  He has been pretty much living in his jammies since Tuesday afternoon.  (Well, minus our doctor’s visit and church this morning, and the couple of times I “stole” them while he was using the bathroom and threw them in the wash. 😉 )  While hoping that everything will be “just peachy” in the morning with no battles, I am also preparing for the possibility of wrestling actual clothes (and socks/shoes/coat) back on Christian in the morning, “wet noodling” while getting onto the bus and into the harness, and a report from school at the end of the day that he was running constantly, unable to focus, and hyper-sensory-needy.  But, like I said, I’m hoping (and praying) for the best. 🙂  Perhaps, it would be helpful to dig out the “Going to School” social story from the beginning of the year.  Hmm…

But Christian is mostly back to his normal-Christian-self…the constant “singing” is back, his need for speed, his climbing, his crashing, his need to type on the computer.  He has a cough that is still lingering and he occasionally touches his ears.  He has also been less responsive than he had been — back more to the leading by the hand to get what he wants, avoiding answering questions or whispering the responses instead. 

I’m sure it will take awhile to get back into our rut routine.  I am thankful that the sickness spiraling through the house hasn’t been any worse.

OK, I know that I haven’t posted in awhile again.  I am hoping to get a “real post” together this afternoon.  😉  Until then I thought that I’d share a couple of web links with you…

Here is a link for the website for bluedominoes.  They have awesome information about autism spectrum disorders and have a great store — they are featuring activity dough that is organic, lead-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, artificial dye-free, etc.   Click here for their link.

And this is just a hilarious video of from Ready-Set-Bumbo.  Click here to watch.

I just want to take the time to thank AMC Entertainment and Autism Society of America (ASA) for sponsering sensory-friendly films!  Although our family has yet to take advantage of these opportunities, I am THRILLED that they exist.  We would not be able to enjoy a movie as a family at our local theaters because of sensory issues, but we are SO looking forward to taking in one of these showing in the near future!  Click here to read more.