I have shared many of the positive notes that have come home from Christian’s classroom this year. I have been excited that there have been so many of them. 🙂

This week has been a hard one for Christian, though. Here are the notes from the last two days…

[Yesterday] Christian has been going to first grade math sweep. The tasks that they do are a challenge to him and his behaviors are not good. Today we had to leave because of headbutting, screaming, and crying. Part of me thinks that he should be able to do the work, but he really isn’t even trying and becomes frustrated with trying to keep up with the fast pace.

[Today] Christian was MAD today. He was obsessed with [Bus Driver R] and Mom topics. He cried several time and lunged at me several times. I did not try first grade math because of his mood.

Christian has been struggling with sleep lately and maybe cutting some new teeth. The weather has been all over the place, which never helps sleep or mood. I just wish that he had the words to tell me what is going on and how I can help him.

Doing all that I can for now and just praying for “happier” notes tomorrow.


The Steamroller or...

...the box it came in?

The UPS guy pulled up to our house around 4:45 this afternoon.  I ran to the door and tried to refrain from jumping up and down and clapping my hands.

Christian’s special sensory apparatus was finally here!  It is wonderful!  I love it!  Christian loves it!  I can’t thank our county case worker enough for making this happen for him!  🙂

Christian enjoying the pressure from his steamroller.

Lately I feel like a puppy waiting anxiously by the window for my master’s arrival home after a long day apart.  My ears perk up at the sound of any large truck, farm machinery, or muffler-needed car that drives down the street.  I have been waiting for two weeks.  Every day I listen until I hear/see the UPS truck rumble by.  Then I stop waiting, well, until tomorrow.

You see, what I’m waiting for is something Christian NEEDS, like, yesterday.  He is struggling being at home for full days.  He is teething.  (Yeah, that tooth he lost last week is already getting a replacement!)  Therapy sessions are getting difficult.  He has a change in staff starting this week.  He will be starting summer school on Thursday at a completely different school with a completely different teacher.  He is sensory needy (like CRAZY).  I just am having a really hard time waiting for this piece of sensory equipment to arrive at our door.

But I also don’t want to sound ungrateful because this is something that the county is providing for him.  I don’t know exactly what day they ordered it.  Therefore, I don’t know exactly when to expect it or have a tracking number that I can check up on.  I am kind of in the dark on this one.

So between 11am and 2:30pm every day until it is here, you can see me looking out the window any time someone drives by.


After much thinking and talking (and compromising (like who will be in charge of poo duty (that would be me!))), we have decided to pursue getting a service dog for Christian!  We have to lay our egos aside, step out in faith, and just DO this.  Having a service dog would be a HUGE benefit for Christian, but also be a big help for the rest of us as well.

But, first thing first — finishing the application.  I’m hoping to get it in the mail by the end of next week.  Then we need to be approved by the service dog organization’s board of directors.  If that all happens, we will be fundraising like crazy.  I’m new to fundraising, but I really believe that it can and will be done.  We have lots of people willing to help already and the paperwork is still swirling around on our computer.  😉 

I can just picture Christian with a service dog and just bonding.  That in and of itself would be a most amazing thing!  🙂

I received a phone call today from our county case worker saying that our request from a specific piece of sensory equipment had been granted!!!  🙂  [you can insert happy dancing here (i.e. “the running man”, “cabbage patch”, etc.)] 

Ironically, I had been thinking about the equipment the last couple of days, since it had been awhile since I had talked to Christian’s case worker and C is having some MAJOR sensory issues here at home that just really NEED to be filled before he can get any work done effectively.

[contented sigh]  I am SO incredibly thankful!  This wish couldn’t have been granted at a better time.  What a blessing!  God is faithful!

The equipment should be coming some time in June.  I can’t wait!

We have had a new phenomenon over the weekend (possibly coinciding with the start of Spring Break??) — nakedness.  Not the kind that means that there has been an “incident” somewhere in the house (although that is still happening a couple of times a day), but rather the kind from just wanting to run/jump/dance completely in the buff.

This happened again after we returned from church this morning, so I thought that maybe the underwear were bothering my little guy.  I figured that he could go commando in his jammies.  We are planning on being home for the rest of the day and he could have a little more “freedom” without being entirely buff.

I helped him back into his jammies.

He got this funny, puzzled look on his face.  He pulled open his jammie bottoms and looked inside.  Closed them.  Pulled them open again and looked.  Then he ran to the spot where he had hid his undies and then tried tucking them into his jammie pants, so that his “boy stuff” would be covered.  😉  Apparently, he didn’t want that kind of freedom. 

I helped him back into the underwear and then jammie bottoms.  He smiled and then ran off to his letter blocks with a HUGE smile on his face.  🙂

Time to go.  I have a streaker running through my kitchen again.  😉