Lately I feel like a puppy waiting anxiously by the window for my master’s arrival home after a long day apart.  My ears perk up at the sound of any large truck, farm machinery, or muffler-needed car that drives down the street.  I have been waiting for two weeks.  Every day I listen until I hear/see the UPS truck rumble by.  Then I stop waiting, well, until tomorrow.

You see, what I’m waiting for is something Christian NEEDS, like, yesterday.  He is struggling being at home for full days.  He is teething.  (Yeah, that tooth he lost last week is already getting a replacement!)  Therapy sessions are getting difficult.  He has a change in staff starting this week.  He will be starting summer school on Thursday at a completely different school with a completely different teacher.  He is sensory needy (like CRAZY).  I just am having a really hard time waiting for this piece of sensory equipment to arrive at our door.

But I also don’t want to sound ungrateful because this is something that the county is providing for him.  I don’t know exactly what day they ordered it.  Therefore, I don’t know exactly when to expect it or have a tracking number that I can check up on.  I am kind of in the dark on this one.

So between 11am and 2:30pm every day until it is here, you can see me looking out the window any time someone drives by.