I have shared many of the positive notes that have come home from Christian’s classroom this year. I have been excited that there have been so many of them. 🙂

This week has been a hard one for Christian, though. Here are the notes from the last two days…

[Yesterday] Christian has been going to first grade math sweep. The tasks that they do are a challenge to him and his behaviors are not good. Today we had to leave because of headbutting, screaming, and crying. Part of me thinks that he should be able to do the work, but he really isn’t even trying and becomes frustrated with trying to keep up with the fast pace.

[Today] Christian was MAD today. He was obsessed with [Bus Driver R] and Mom topics. He cried several time and lunged at me several times. I did not try first grade math because of his mood.

Christian has been struggling with sleep lately and maybe cutting some new teeth. The weather has been all over the place, which never helps sleep or mood. I just wish that he had the words to tell me what is going on and how I can help him.

Doing all that I can for now and just praying for “happier” notes tomorrow.


Christian has been hard at work with his Legos. He asks for help from me at times. Thankfully, he has become pretty tolerant of approximations. 😉 (His request that I have yet to figure out is Lego Fireworks. Yes, they need to be suspended, too. Any advice is welcome. 🙂 )

Here are some of the Lego creations adorning our living room right now…

"Boy, Moon, Scooby-Doo fishing pole with the Cat in the Hat hat, a cheese sandwich, watermelon, & toothbrush" (in other words, the Dreamworks logo with a few additions)


"Birthday Bird" from Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You book


Little girl "Olivia" ballerina


Television with two penguins based on Helen Lester's "Tacky Goes To Camp"


Black toaster with Nick & Jr. based on old Nick Jr. logo


"Beware the Bear" from Helen Lester's "Tacky Goes To Camp"

Ballerina girl with red dress and the Pillsbury Doughboy (they like to dance together 😉 )


You, my fellow American friends, may not be aware of the phenomenon that is “Peppa Pig.”  It is a primarily British children’s cartoon and shown throughout other European countries.  My first encounter with it was via youtube through Christian searching for things “Nick Jr” related.  I see that it has now started gracing a half-hour time slot on Nick Jr. over the weekends.  Perhaps it will sweep the nation. 😉

Anyway, what started as a curiosity for Christian has turned more into an obsession with Peppa.  He is starting to echo lines from the show.  Which, honestly, is really cute since Peppa speaks with a British accent. (“Jump up and down in muddy puddles!”) 🙂  He walked into Brian’s classroom at the end of Sunday School this past weekend and announced, “Daddy Pig’s Classroom!”  (Too funny!  Especially when followed by a snort!)  Christian still loves to watch Peppa whenever possible via youtube.

He is now starting to search for Peppa on youtube in other languages.  His favorite — Russian.  I have heard him quote lines from these episodes, snort, and then laugh.  😉 [sigh]  Now I will have to learn Russian with a British accent to keep up with my not yet seven-year-old son all thanks to an English pig named Peppa.

Anyone who knows Christian or our family knows about Christian’s obsession love of production companies and credits to movies/shows.  (Some of my FB friends can attest to this as they have received “chats” about “Universal Orlando”, “Columbia Tristar Pictures”, “Big Idea Studios”, “Hit Entertainment,” etc.  Thank you for your understanding and even writing back to him with another company like “UBU Productions” vs. “Hi Christian,” as the first one thrills him and the second makes him extremely upset.)

Anyway, Christian’s production company logo love followed him into the lunchroom at school today.  He saw another boy’s shirt and HAD to look at it — up close and personal.  Like way personal.  The boy was wearing a “Universal Orlando” shirt.  Guess what he was obsessed with writing on his doodleboards this weekend — yep, “Universal Orlando.”  I was told that his teachers continued direct Christian back to his lunch and a minute later he was distracted by the UO shirt and was standing with his face just about buried in it again.  Unfortunately, the UO boy didn’t understand why Christian just HAD to see his shirt, so he started covering it up when Christian came near.  And Christian didn’t understand why he was covering it up.  Christian, because of his undying love, scared some of the children sitting at that table.  It was a complete misunderstanding that could happen at any time so easily.

After lunch and recess, Christian’s teacher visited the classroom of the boy with the UO shirt and tried to explain about Christian’s love of Universal Orlando.  That it was one of the first words that Christian spelled.  (The kids were amazed at this because (in their words), “It’s such a big word!” 😉 )  She explained that while Christian can spell and read very well, he doesn’t always have the ability to use words to say, “I’d like to look at your shirt, please.”  As she explained, the kids started understanding.  She told me that she would not be surprised if that class wears shirts with words on for the rest of the week and walk up to Christian and ask him if he would like to read their shirts.  🙂

I’m so thankful that Miss J took the time to explain.  It can be scary when you don’t understand why someone is doing something unusual.  I’m glad that my son will no longer be looked at as “scary” and I hope that the kids will be as understanding of differences in the future.

What would I like for Mother’s Day?  Hmm…coffee, an hour-long massage, a day at the spa, a week-long beach vacation…these ALL sound SO good, but more than anything this year I would like automatic door closers on ALL of our doors.

Yes, I am serious.

I am tired of the MEGA manure flies, moths, stink bugs, bees, spiders, mosquitoes, and other various critters parading through our house because of an outside door being left FULLY open.  I am tired of walking into the kitchen to find the refrigerator running full-bore because the door has been open for who knows how long and the food starting to feel a tad bit warm.

So, now I dream of doors closing all on their own because then I don’t need to be everywhere at once checking and rechecking door after door.  Ah, what peace!  🙂  Only something a mother would wish for…  😉

That’s right.  I am considering a padlock for the refrigerator.  Sigh.

Christian’s new found ability to open the child locks is starting to frustrate me.  He enjoys standing in the frig with the door open turning the light on and off, on and off, and after a few minutes runs away leaving the door standing wide open.  But that’s not the worst of it, I could actually live with that!  His new thrill is going into the frig and either turning it totally off or turning it to the coldest setting.  Last week, we had frozen eggs in the frig.  Last night our freezer was on its way to being thawed out.  Ack! 

I’m not talking an occasional incidence, either.  More like an obsession.  One where I should probably set a timer for every 1/2-hour while Christian is awake and home to make sure that the frig is at the proper setting.  This would be why I am strongly considering a padlock.  Besides, I hear that can be a good form of diet.  😉

Just for reference, Christian has been in the refrigerator twice while I typed this post.  Sigh…

After Christian started feeling better from his illness, I started feeling worse.  Welcome chills, stomach pains, and the start of a horrible migraine.  After realizing this was more than a headache that would just go away on its own, I took a substantial dose of ibuprofen — usually that does the trick.  But not this time.  Actually my headache only got worse and was irritated by noise and light.  (Yes, and as Christian got better he only got louder — not good for the mama!)  I forced myself to make and eat supper although it was awfully hard to manage both and the kids.  After dinner, Brian watched the kids as I took the best shower ever.  No need to listen for little people fighting, or running the water, or needing to be wiped, or missing an important animal, etc.  Just the sound of the warm water and really not a single thought in my head.  It was glorious.  I managed to find my pain relieving spray (from when I “threw my back out” a few years ago) and sprayed down my shoulders and neck.  Fabulous.  I dug out my peppermint oil and dabbed some on my wrists and behind my ears.  Lovely.  Within the hour, the majority of my headache had vanished.  What relief!  I took the rest of the evening fairly easy and thankfully woke in the morning fatigued but fine.  (Insert sigh of relief here. 😉  )

I picked Christian up from school on Friday only to find out that he has not been doing so great in the “regular ed” Kindergarten room lately.  Doesn’t want to go and will only “behave” if seated on a teacher’s lap.  I guess he has also remembered that the music class room is in that end of the school and would rather go there instead.  (My boy sure does love to sing and dance!)  So, I guess that has been a wrestling match the last two weeks along with his obsession with needing “his words” on the classroom computer.  (Words like — Nick Jr., Paramount DVD, A Viacom Company, Warner Bros Pictures, etc. (yes, he does know how to read and type these all on his own)) They are hoping to rid him of this obsession by letting him type these words on the computer when he first gets to school tomorrow and then printing them off and taping it to the computer screen.  That way his words are always there and (theoretically) shouldn’t need to be retyped throughout the day.

Ah, I also found out on Friday afternoon that there may be a “loop-hole” that would allow Christian to continue to receive therapy services before the end of the school day (at least while he is in Kindergarten).  Great.  Also, we could keep our “regular” therapy schedule until that is a for-sure-thing either way.  Which would be great, but we had already informed his school of the change in his schedule and the therapists are all lined up to start with the new schedule this week, so Brian and I decided to start the new schedule on Monday anyway.  I guess, if Christian does fit the loop-hole, we could always switch it back to the earlier times.  I’m just ready for this to be figured out one way or another…

And Olivia has a new “greeting” for me every morning for the last couple of weeks — first she just screams for me until I at least acknowledge her being awake (this happens during the night, too).  When I arrive at her room, I am greeting with the “Mommy, I pee.  On my bed.  See?  Right here.  A lot.  Change me!”  Sigh.  Every day.  I am trying to remember that she has only been potty-trained since May, so this is very common.  I just wish it wasn’t every night (or a couple of times a night).  But, I am also thankful that we aren’t spending our money on pull-ups anymore.  This, too, shall pass, right???