Sweet Olivia–

You are a rolling girl!  You roll over and over to get where you want to go.  You are always trying to get up on your knees.  You seems frustrated by your inability to go anywhere, though.  Soon enough, sweetheart, soon enough. 🙂

You are cooing and cooing.  You are my social girl — always needing someone to talk to!  At the rate that you’re trying to talk — you’ll be telling me what Christian is trying to say.  Wouldn’t that be something!

Your smile still lights up the face of everyone you meet.  Thank you for being such a happy girl!  I can’t wait ’til your teeth come in — that should make you even happier again.  🙂

I love you and hope you’ll always be this sweet to be around!

All my love, Mommy


My Dear Son–

You are fabulously funny!  🙂  I think that you are starting to “sing” some of the “Blue’s Clues” songs from your videos.  You move your hands/arms back and forth while you jabber — mimicking Steve (or Joe) from the show.  It is great!  I’m so glad to see you start doing some of those types of things.

I’m sorry that you cried tonight when I left for my hours of “mommy time.”  I love you, but need an hour each week to re-energize.  It makes me a better mommy and more fun to be around.  🙂  (You are still constantly on my mind while I’m gone.)

We’re still waiting for test results at the doctor.  Daddy and I are getting impatient waiting — hopefully we’ll know soon.

I love you, my sweet boy!  Even though we struggle, at times, it only makes me love you all the more.

All my love,  Mommy

My Dearest Christian–

Wow!  How big you’ve gotten.  You no longer look like a baby, but more like a little man!  You are growing so quickly — time certainly does fly! 🙂

We have started taking you to a new pediatrician.  She seems to know exactly what she is doing and has many ideas of things that we can try.  Currently we are going to put you back on the no gluten diet (no what, rye, oats, barley, etc.) and adding additional supplements.  Those aren’t always your favorite and have become a huge frustration between the two of us this week.  I hope that you can get over that and there won’t be that rift between us.  I hope that you can start understanding that we aren’t trying to hurt you, but help you to reach your full potential in the midst of all of your challenges.

Christian, we love you so much and only want the best for you.  I hope that you’ll always know that deep in your being!  🙂

You have started to use markers now — we use special ones that mark on mirrors.  You love to draw while looking at yourself.  You just love to look at yourself!  So funny.  🙂  I love you, my little man!

All my love, Mommy

My Dear Sweet Olivia–

What a smiley little girl you are!  Your sweet smile is so irresistible that I just can’t help but smile back at you.  That smile of yours is often the highlight of my day! 🙂

You have figured out how to roll over this week.  You are growing up so fast!  Before I know it, you’ll be chasing your brother around the house.  🙂

Christian intrigues you.  You watch everything he does — waiting, I think, until you can do it, too!  I am excited for you to learn all of that, too, but then I think that the two of you will keep me busier than I ever thought possible.  🙂  That’s OK, though, perhaps then I will finally lose the rest of the “baby weight.”

I love you, sweet little bean!  I pray that is something that you will always know.

All my love, Mommy

My Dear Christian–

What a blessing from God you are! 🙂

We are getting ready to fly to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks.  You are practicing watching your “movies” on the portable DVD player with headphones.  I’m so proud and surprised by how much you love to do this since you despise having anything (or anyone) touch your head, especially your ears.

Daddy and I are so excited that you have started to say some words.  (We just wish it was consistently.)  This morning you were watching a video about counting to 5 and we both heard you say, “Five.”  🙂  So happy!!!  A few nights ago it sounded like you said, “Hi Grandpa” to Grandpa H on the phone — that made his day!  I hope this talking continues and grows so that we can spend less time being frustrated with each other.  🙂

I love you, my son!  Remember what it says in Psalm 128:1– Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.  Please trust in him all of your life.  He has given you great challenges, but will help you through them, too!

All my love,  Mommy

Dear Olivia–

You are a true blessing from God! 🙂

 Today you were in for your 2-month old check-up.  You are growing well — almost 13 pounds already and 23 inches long!  You had to get 5 shots today.  Oh, how I hate to have to hold your hands while the nurse stabs you with the needle, but hopefully these will keep you from getting any further illnesses.  You screamed, but have been sleeping ever since you calmed down.

We had quite the scare with you a few weeks ago.  Your doctor put you on Zantac (heartburn medicine) to help your reflux not bother you as much.  The pharmacist for the prescription wrong, so you received 20 times the amount that you were supposed to get.  Thankfully it was only 5 doses and I had the feeling that something was wrong.  I called the pharmacy and doctor and got the dosage straightened out.  We had to get your heart and liver tested for possible damage.  Praise the Lord that everything was fine!  Lesson to be learned — ALWAYS check with your doctor as to what medication you should be receiving with what dose!

I want to leave you with a Bible verse today: Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways. -Psalm 128:1  Olivia, I pray that you will always follow in the path the the Lord lays out for you.  He knows what is best for us, even if we don’t always agree with it.  Trust him!

All my love, Mommy

My Dear Olivia–

You are one month old today.  Wow!  How time flies!  You are getting SO big — you even gained a whole pound in the last week!  🙂  You’re a big eater!  We spend a lot of time together.  You have some of the same gas/stomach problems that Christian had, so you need to be leaned up on my chest for a half hour every time you finish eating.  (And you eat every 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours!)  Christian is a little resentful of all of the time that I have to spend holding you, but is he warming up to you.  I know that he watches you, especially when he thinks that no one else is watching, and I know that you watch him when he gets close enough for you to see.  You are quite the miracle, my little one.  🙂  I love you so much.

You are waking now and sound like you need my help.

All my love,  Mommy