Once upon a time, before my kidney stones, I had decided to take up running.  I had a plan.  I felt motivated.  I was excited…

…and then the stones moved in.  I stopped my routine.  I was in a fair amount of pain and, well, needed to use the bathroom quite a bit (and I was not about to start squatting in the ditch along our country road), so I put my running on the side to pick up again once the stones passed…

…Ah, yes, good intentioned and all, but I never picked it back up.  That bothered me tremendously (especially when I looked in the mirror), but I still never started back up.  Excuses.  Excuses.  There is always one available.

Until today.  Today is hot (especially for May in WI), but Liv was at Grandma’s and Christian was at school, my yardwork was complete, my errand was done, so I laced up my shoes and headed out on the road.  2-miles down — walk/run.  I feel good.  Now, to just stay at it!


I think that my kidney stones finally passed today.  Two weeks from the start of my pain.  🙂

I could NOT be happier!!!  🙂

Now, I’m hoping that I can finally sleep comfortably again tonight.  🙂

For those of you who wonder what they felt like, compare them to labor.  Now, I was more uncomfortable during labor than in sheer pain.  This was a pretty similar experience for me.  Except that this time it didn’t end in surgery! 😉

To my mother-in-law,

I love you!  Thank you SO much for taking Olivia ALL day yesterday.  Doing so allowed me to shop in peace.  (Even though you ended up taking her shopping with you!)  🙂  It was relaxingly lovely.  [insert contented sigh here] 

I was allowed to rest, which I’m especially grateful for since my kidney stones seem to finally be on the move — ouch! 

Christian was able to have two uninterrupted therapy sessions without her trying to answer all of the questions and/or take over as the therapist.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  The words don’t seem quite enough, but that’s all that I have at the moment.  🙂

…not moving.

I can still feel them sitting up in my right kidney.  It feels like they’re poking me in the ribs.  The feeling reminds me of the end of my pregnancies with the kids — the feeling more annoying than painful, just super uncomfortable, unable to get relief. 

Besides that, I have to pee all of the time because of the amount of water/lemonade I’m drinking.  Seriously, I feel like I might just float away.  I’m afraid to go for my walk/jogs fearing that I may have to pee every two minutes.  I’ve been attempting to stay busy around the house all day — running up and down the stairs, doing laundry, picking up (as much as the kids allow), etc.

I’m ready, though, for the stones to move out.  I want to be able to take a deep breath again without the pain in my side.

…Kidney Stones in my right kidney.

You’d think that the ER doctor would have maybe mentioned this before we were let go.  (Good thing for the follow-up with our family doc today!)

So, I’ve heard the pain is worse than labor.  Great.  (sigh)  I’m looking forward to it.  NOT!

Off to drink my weight in water and load up on my ibuprofen…

(I guess it could be worse.  After hearing them talk about some of the possibilities for my pain yesterday, kidney stones don’t sound quite as bad.)