You may not realize what a HUGE deal this is, but Christian asked for a doctor on Monday evening.  On his own.  Using words.  And then proceeded to poke around at his neck and ears.


Not awesome that he wasn’t feeling well, but SO AWESOME that HE asked to go to the appropriate person who could help him even though he has been scared to go there in the past.  (He’s not a fan of shots.  Who can blame him?)

Tuesday, Christian and I went to the doctor.  (Yeah, Mamas apparently get strep, too. 😦  Yay for meds! )  He wasn’t overly happy about going when it was finally time for our appointment, but he came.  And listened fantastically well!  And anticipated what was going to happen next.  (Like when he saw the doctor with the “ear light” and he took off his headphones so that she could look before we even had to ask him, too! 😀 )  If I hadn’t been SO sick at the time, I would have totally happy danced right there in the examining room!!!  [Feel free to envision that. 😉 ]

And guess what, he needed antibiotics, and we opted for oral meds instead of the usual injection, and Christian is taking the meds amazingly.  [insert a look of happy shock here]  He just needs a chocolate chaser, but really, who doesn’t after taking liquid antibiotics???

I am SO proud of my boy.  Way to go, Christian!!! 🙂


Christian has in-home therapy six days per week, usually 3 – 4 hours per day.  Lots of times his therapists will use schedules to give Christian a clue as to what is coming next.  (Less meltdowns when things are happening in a sort of order.)

As the house was getting ready for bed tonight, Christian emerged with his OWN schedule (written COMPLETELY by HIM)!

It reads:

  • Jump on Bed
  • School Books
  • The Puzzle
  • Matching
  • It’s Showtime

(I’m not exactly sure what he means by that last one, but once I find out I’ll let you know!)  I love that he did this!!! 😀