Today, I have been humored by the fact that the first thing that Christian asked for this morning was for me to turn on CNBC.  (Perhaps because the two of us were curled up on the couch watching “Biography: Cornel Sanders” before bed last night?!?)  And immediately after school, he asked (actually, more like demanded) to watch “HGTV.  (Oh, and yesterday he asked for the “Food Network.”)  😉


Christian has developed a DEEP love of this version of the “Goldilocks & the Three Bears” story…

This is him telling it…

I giggle right along with him every time I watch it!  🙂

Olivia is busy building a contraption.  Yep, that’s exactly what she’s calling it.

My hubby gets to attend his very first season Packer game in Green Bay.  For free (minus the cost of gas).

Christian loves to dance, and I love to watch him.

Therapist, WD, brought me a Starbucks drink when she came to work with Christian this afternoon.  Yum!

I got a workout (and tired out Olivia) by shoveling our driveway/sidewalk for an hour+ this morning.  I’m thankful that it was only 3″ of snow.  😉

So, I’ve been a little blah lately.  A little busy.  Shopped the Black Friday craziness, but got some awesome deals.  5-day breaks from school always make things a little just “weird” around here.  I’ve had lots of blog post ideas running through my head, but none will probably make it here because most have already left my mind.

However, the kids have been saying some very cute and/or funny things in the last week.  Here’s a few…

  • Olivia — “Mom.  I need tattoos, ‘cuz it’s Thanksgiving.”
  • Christian watching the end credits on a movie — “I love post production!!!”
  • Olivia — “Only boys can be dudes.”
  • Christian — “I love rollerskate!”  (They are having a rollerskating unit in PE at school.  He’ll probably be much better than me. 😉  )
  • Olivia — “Mom, you wear me out, but I love you anyway.”  (I’m pretty sure she got that line from Olivia the pig.)
  • Christian — “Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!”

I love my kids!  🙂

When I picked up Christian from school today, he turned to me and said, “Knock.  Knock.”  So, I replied, “Who’s there?”  He said, “Ha ha ha!”  🙂

love it!  This was his very first attempt at a joke!  Just think of the fun that we can have with this!!!  🙂

I’m SO excited!

So, Brian and I decided to take the kids trick-or-treating again this year.  The plan had been to do the “candy hop” in my SIL’s neighborhood with the cousins, but her kids were sick, so we opted to do the downtown businesses trick-or-treating instead.  (The businesses were doing it at an earlier time, too, so Brian could still get out bow hunting. 🙂 )  Our niece and SIL, JJ, met us downtown after we had stopped by my in-law’s house for a warm-up trick-or-treat.

Christian wasn’t overly enthused about going out.  Well, and getting out of his jammies.  (He had been wearing them since Wednesday afternoon.  Apparently, they are SUPER comfortable! 😉 )  I finally wrestled him into his “train engineer” costume (blue-stripped overalls and a million long-sleeved shirts).  Brian coaxed him into his socks and shoes and we convinced him to get into the car.  (We live in the country without many nearby neighbors.)  He seemed OK after that.

After our quick stop at the farm, we braved the cold, windy weather downtown — going up and down Main Street trick-or-treating at the participating businesses.  It was fairly busy.  It was extremely cold.  We made it up one side of the street and halfway down the other when all of the sudden Christian had a meltdown.  A drop on the ground, cry and refuse to be picked-up “wet noodle” fest.  Brian and I looked at each other and said, “Time to go.”  I picked Christian up and started walking quickly towards the car.  I’m not sure what everyone else was thinking as I was rushing down the sidewalk with a boy hanging off my arm kicking and crying and hitting me in the face, but frankly, I wasn’t really thinking about them.  I just wanted to get him to a safe place where he could feel “safe” (i.e. the car). 

Brian came to my aid with a block left to go, as I had to stop and set Christian down trying to find a better way to carry him.  We traded, and I took Olivia.  I’m not quite sure what it was that just set him off SO badly, but, WOW, it was extremely upsetting to him.

Besides that, it was a success.  Christian wouldn’t say much while we were out, but before we left I heard him say (while jumping on a bed), “Trick-or-treat.  Give me candy!”  and then whispered, “Thank you.”  I’m sorry, but that is WAY too cute!  😉 

The kids got candy, but not too much.  I did have to hide it after awhile, though, as they were both circling the kitchen trying to sneak additional sugar.  Olivia asked me what had happened to the candy and I told her that it had gone on vacation.  She seemed satisfied with that answer and left the room.  A half-hour later she came back and said, “Mommy, candy don’t go on vacation.  People go on vacation.  So, where my candy?”  Too funny, Liv, too funny!  (And great reasoning skills, sweetheart. 😉 )