Christian had an inclusion field trip yesterday morning with all of the first grade classrooms from his school.  He had a great trip. Enjoyed the big bus.  Loved the animals.  For me, the best part is always the recap that comes home with him the next day.  He typed the majority of this…

I’m not sure when he thinks that he eats eggs because he doesn’t.  Maybe we need to give them a try again. 😉

Since things went SO WELL with this trip, I think we’ll let him try the end of the year first grade field trip to the big zoo about an hour away.


Besides everything else going on yesterday, Christian had a field trip.  I was a little unsure how that was going to go since Christian had it out with me while getting dressed yesterday morning.  He refused.  What can you do when your child refuses???  I had wrestled clothes on to his body only for him to take one thing off as I was putting another on.  After 10-minutes of wrestling while the bus patiently waited in our driveway, I walked out and sent the bus away.  I’d have to drive him in.  Thankfully, after an extra 1/2-hour at home, he was willing to get dressed.  Whew!  However, when I mentioned school, he started whimpering and said, “Church.”  He has never “asked” for church before…

Needless-to-say, he was NOT happy when we got to school.  He screamed.  He held onto the straps on his carseat.  I had to carry him into school while he threw himself around hoping that I would drop him and he could escape.  Unfortunately for him, I knew that routine and managed to get him into school.  (Unfortunately for Olivia, she had to follow us into school in the very bitter winter air, while I hoped that I wasn’t walking too quickly for her. 😦 )  We got into his classroom and he continued to scream, refused to take his coat off, tried repacking his backpack as we helped him unpack it … I was really worried that this was NOT a good sign for the trip.  😦  One of the assistants finally got him engaged in something else and gave me the signal to just sneak away.  (Which is what needs to happen when we’re in that situation.)

I didn’t receive any phone calls while they were out, that was a good thing.  When I got to school, I was preparing to hear that things were a little rough, but his teacher and both assistants said that he did SUPER on the trip!  HURRAY!!!! 🙂  They went to Wal-Mart to shop for their classroom exchange gift, ate lunch at Pizza Hut (they went through the drive-thru at the next door McDonald’s to pick up burger patties for Christian), and then went to visit Santa at the Mall.  He did great!  I’m SO happy!  🙂

Next big curiosity-maker is his BIG Holiday Program coming up at the local PAC on Friday night.  Hmm…I’m excited (yet nervous) to see how that will go!  (I hope that his social story will help!!!) 

Christian’s red hat went missing at school yesterday.  The staff decided that they would leave it at school so that it wouldn’t get lost on their field trip, but when I went to bring him home it was not to be found.  We looked for 15 minutes!  The Lost and Found was even searched, but still no sign of it.  😦

Red Hat has become a fixture on Christian’s head in the last three weeks.  He wears it CONSTANTLY!  It’s just a plain, red bucket hat that had actually been Olivia’s, but she decided that she didn’t want it anymore and it immediately became Christian’s favorite.  It sat a little snug on his head, which I think he liked from a sensory-pressure standpoint.  He would wear it EVERYWHERE, including church and bed.  (He allowed it off for showers and dressing purposes and would allow it to wait for him in his backpack at school.)  He would even wake up in the middle of the night and put it back on if it had fallen off.  He was pretty heart-broken that it had gone missing.  😦

After we had been home for awhile yesterday, he even started calling for it — “Red Hat?  Red Hat, where are you???”  To no avail.  Red Hat did not come out of it’s hiding spot.  Christian was quite upset with me when I couldn’t produce it and tried to explain that it was hiding at school.  His ex-favorite red baseball cap couldn’t fill the void.  He had a hard time falling asleep last night without it.  😦

Red Hat, if you’re out there somewhere and reading this, PLEASE come home!  Please, come out of hiding.  Christian misses you like crazy!

Christian’s class is scheduled to take a field trip tomorrow to the movie theater.  His class (along with the other special ed classrooms and the kindergarten classes) are going to see “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Christian will be skipping this trip.

I started hearing buzz over the weekend on Facebook that this movie isn’t really “kid friendly.”  I asked a couple of my friends about it and they told me what they had heard and why they aren’t taking their kids to see the movie.  Then I started reading online reviews.  Pretty much every review was saying that the movie is appropriate for children 10-years+/4th grade and up.  Hmm…  Christian is 5 and in Kindergarten and has a fear of larger muppet-type characters.  Yeah.  I think that I’ll pick him up from school before the movie.  I don’t want his first experience in the movie theater to be a scary/negative one.  We’ll wait for an appropriate movie to come to the Sensory Friendly Film Saturdays at AMC in the future.  And then we’ll dance in the aisle as we enjoy it.  😉

Christian had a field trip yesterday.  I was a little nervous, especially if he would get in a vehicle and travel with them without Brian or I around.  I was excited, too, as their plan was to eat lunch at McDonalds and then go for a walk at a local county woods.  Christian’s teacher and I had worked out that I would pick him up from the woods because it is actually just down the road from our house and then I wouldn’t have to chase all the way back into town.

Olivia and I waited awhile in the parking lot area for Christian’s class to make it out of the woods.  (She had a really hard time going to the woods and NOT being able to take a walk, too.  That and she needed a nap.  She wasn’t very happy with me.)  As the class came around the bend in the trail, I watched for Christian — he was dragging at the end holding onto the hand of an assistant.  He looked REALLY tired.  He walked right over to me and wanted to be picked up immediately.  They told me that he hadn’t eaten his lunch at McDonalds — only picking through the grapes I had sent along as a snack.  They said that he hadn’t tried running even once at the woods.  Huh??  My son??  I was told that anytime that they had stopped along the trail to look at something, he had “asked” to be picked up.  As he snuggled into my shoulder in the middle of the afternoon, I knew that he was sick.  Poor guy.  😦

We weren’t home for more than five minutes when he started getting the runs.  First in his pants, then on the bathroom floor, then in the carpeting in his room, repeat.  Sigh.  And as this started happening, Christian’s senior therapist, psychologist, and other therapist showed up for a meeting that was scheduled two months ago.  Sigh.  Thankfully, they talked outside while I scrubbed the poo out of everything and started the laundry and at least got a pair of underwear back on Christian, who looked seriously ill and was definitely running a fever.  Thankfully, the meeting was short and sweet, and Christian ended up falling asleep on my lap.  Poor guy.  He refused to eat or drink anything for the rest of the night and through the next morning.  I was starting to worry that I needed to get him in to the doctor, but then he threw up and immediately started drinking water and eating pretzels.  All better.  Just like that.  Amazing.  And I knew that he was totally better when he regained his ability to “happy scream” and started to ask for “lots and lots of toast.”  (I love that he said that!  First time ever!  🙂  )

So, I was really sad for him that he had to go through his whole field trip feeling yucky (and he probably would have REALLY enjoyed this field trip).  However, I am thankful that for as bad as his illness seemed, it lasted less than 24-hours and was gone like a blink of an eye.

Somehow last week managed to just slip away so quickly.  I honestly don’t know where it went.  And now, all of the sudden, it’s almost October.  I have a feeling that this week will fly just as fast.

Brian and I were able to get an afternoon away on Saturday.  It was lovely.  We went for a walk in the woods and actually held hands without little people pushing in-between us.  We enjoyed frozen custard without someone else asking for a bite (and another and another).  We stopped at the store and were able to actually take the time to read the labels on items without chasing down a small person who ran off.  It was peaceful.  Wonderful.  Much needed.

Life goes on, though, once you get home.  Brian headed out to do some bow hunting.  I hunkered down at home with the kids.  Christian ended up running down the driveway at top speed as I watched a truck rumble down the road (going at least 50mph).  His life flashed before my eyes, as I was too far away to actually do anything but shout at the top of my lungs.  Amazingly Christian stopped right on the edge of the driveway.  (I also stopped breathing.)  Christian didn’t bat an eyelash as the truck just drove by.  I let out a sigh of relief and was almost overcome with emotion.  Seriously.  I was so terrified.  My hands were shaking as I jogged down the driveway to walk him back to the yard where we had been looking for the missing “J” letter block.  Either the work that Brian has been doing with him about NOT walking in the road is starting to sink in or a guardian angel came down and stopped him from running in the road.  Maybe both.  For I was really scared this time that he and that truck were not going to stop.  Ah, yes, then we came back in the house where Olivia had decided that she needed to eat every piece of candy and/or chips in the house and if I didn’t cave in immediately she would throw a tantrum about it.  We listened to a LOT of tantrumming Saturday afternoon.  Sigh.  I was ready for another break by the time Brian got back from hunting.  But then it was getting close to bedtime, so that didn’t happen.  Perhaps that’s why I stay up so late and just veg…

Thankfully, Sunday contained a bit less drama. 😉

We are now into the last week of before 3 pm therapy sessions.  I will enjoy it while it lasts.  But I do think that the time between school and therapy will be a good break for Christian.  (It will also afford me the ability to not have to scoot across town so quickly.)

Christian has his first field trip of the year on Wednesday.  They are going to McDonalds for lunch and then to the woods which is just down the road from our house.  Christian should LOVE this trip.  He LOVES McDonalds.  Mmm…burger patties. 🙂  And he LOVES the woods.  I gave his teacher warning, though, that he loves to run through the woods.  We try to get there on the weekends and we definitely get our workout with Christian along.  🙂

As for me, I’m enjoying the fall weather. 🙂  I am looking forward to the leaves changing colors on all of the trees around here.  I’m just trying to keep the housework under control, but for some reason it always seems to get the best of me. 

I am also tinkering with the idea of writing a book, but not real sure what to write about.  A novel?  Autobiographical book?  Semi-autobiography?  I’m not sure exactly how to start.  Would people want to read about my life?  Our family life with autism?  Christian’s life?  Something totally cooked-up in my head?  I’m pondering…feel free to tell me what you think. 🙂