While I am super excited and thankful for my new job, I feel a bit like I’m in mourning for parts of my “old” routine. The things that I will no longer be able to be a part. Things that I will miss deeply. Things that I took for granted before.

To be able to pass through this transitional stage of my life, I thought that I’d compile a list of things that are changing — not for the good, nor the bad, but just the things that are…

  • I will no longer be able to put Christian on the bus in the morning. It is hard for me to hand off this responsibility, even if it is to Brian. I remember going through some great joys and fears and tears and laughs throughout this process over the years. I will miss it.
  • I cannot volunteer at Olivia’s school this year. I loved every minute of being there last year – the staff and students are wonderful. The fun of being the volunteer – “Mrs. [Mama] is here!” and the smiles and the hugs and the sighs and … the everything. I will miss it.
  • I can no longer “sleep in.” I will miss this, even if it was an unpredictable perk.
  • I cannot just stop by Christian’s school to drop off this or that, to drive him in on a hard day, to pick him up if necessary… I will miss that.
  • I won’t be home in the middle of the day to get the mail. I’ll miss that, too.
  • My Tuesday morning BodyPump class definitely won’t be happening. I knew a former therapist and family friends in that class. It is such an awesome and amazing workout. I always left class feeling empowered. I will miss that Tuesday morning workout.
  • I will not be able to just chill in the office at Liv’s school waiting for my “entrance” time. I will miss that down time and the weekly coffee chats with a fav principal.
  • I will not be able to do all doctors appointments with the kids anymore. That has been very hard for me. (The first one that I missed was yesterday.) While I know that Brian is perfectly able to take care of these things, this has been my responsibility the last 8 years. The well-checks, the specialists, the therapists, the sick visits, the dentist, the evaluations, the diagnoses, the everything … I know this stuff backward, forward, in my sleep and it feels so strange to hand this off. I will miss this tremendously.
  • I still miss not being able to help coach sports, especially soccer. It’s been over ten years since I’ve assisted in this area, but I still miss it. Perhaps it was the excellent head coach that I worked with. The one who started every practice/game, whatever the weather/mood/time of day, with – “It’s a beautiful day for soccer!” And it always was. I find myself watching teams practicing and wishing that there was a way to be involved. Someday, I hope that there will be. Until then, I will miss it.

I’m sure there are many more things that I will be missing this year with this transition in my life, but I feel blessed by the opportunity to start this new adventure. I am looking forward to seeing where it leads me.