Everything changes on Monday. OK, well, maybe not everything, but it will definitely be a sweeping change to our family and schedule.

I am going back to work.

I am mostly excited with a little bit of nervousness thrown in (for good measure).

I will be starting as a 2nd grade special education instructional assistant at Jacob Shapiro Brain-based Instruction Laboratory Charter School. Sounds like an impressive school, doesn’t it?!? I was impressed during the interview and happy that they wanted me as a part of their team.

Brian and I are working hard with schedules — trying to figure everything out, yet waiting on Christian’s bus schedule for the year. We’ll get it all worked out, I’m sure, but I’m eager to get things finalized. But the awesome thing about being able to get into a school as an assistant is that the kids’ major holiday breaks/vacations will line up with mine and I can stay home with them. What a blessing!

What a change!

I’m excited. 🙂