OK, so last time I wrote (before our computer was out of commission) I mentioned that we were looking into getting Christian on a new med before the start of the school year.

It’s happening.

His morning Adderal has been switched out to Vyvanse. They are in the same class of drug and are both long-lasting. Thankfully the Vyvanse comes in a powder-capsule form, so I can open it up and let it melt into the butter on the top of Christian’s morning toast. It has been working wonderfully so far. 🙂 I am praying that the benefits will continue.

A nice side effect of the Vyvanse (as it was with the Adderal, too) is a decrease in appetite. That is a good thing since Christian’s other morning med (Risperidone) causes increased appetite/weight gain. The Vyvanse seems to be evening out the Risperidone in the appetite department. 🙂 The frig is no longer being raided all day, every day.

This puts my mind at peace a bit as the school year is closing in on us quickly. Christian is very ready to go back. I’m happy for him! 🙂