To others, what Christian accomplished this morning might seem minor, but I can promise you that it was/is a HUGE deal.

Christian doesn’t have school today, but Olivia does so Christian had to accompany me to drop her off this morning.

I had decided a couple of days ago that I would try Friday morning chapel with Christian while there. Sitting in the church proper. (Something that we haven’t attempted in years because of meltdowns that occurred just even walking through the door.)

We arrived early, before any of the students entered, just to adjust to the space. (And forgoing a big dramatic scene just in case this idea didn’t fly.) Christian tested the acoustics. (They are fantastic.) He decided that it was too much to sit in the pews, so we grabbed a row of usher seats along the back wall. (The seats are the same as what we sit on weekly in the Child Training Room.) Christian got comfortable and Pixar found a spot on the floor and we waited patiently for the school students to file in.

I was having a hard time thinking of a way to explain to Christian why we were sitting in church and waiting. What were we waiting for? He had no concept of “chapel”. Hmm… It was Christian who finally said, “And Nick and Jr will have devotion.” Yes, Christian. We are staying here for a devotion. His reply, “OK.” 🙂

I can’t say that we were completely undistracting during chapel. I mean, we had a dog. In church. That doesn’t happen everyday. And I tried my best to keep the shouts of “Jeopardy” “Alex Trebec” “Executive Producer: Josh Selig” etc. under control, but they did slip out on occasion.

Through it all, I thought that Christian did great job. He happily put an offering in the basket. He prayed The Lord’s Prayer with the rest of us. He moved his body to the hymns as we sang. He did not meltdown, cry, kick, or scream. He seemed truly happy to be there. I was/am SO proud of him and am thanking the Lord for yet another humble reminder of how important it is to make sure that all of our kids hear the Word no matter how difficult it can seem to make that happen.