My husband and I have been working really hard to establish the routine of having a nightly family devotion right after dinner every evening. I think that the routine is engrained now because before we even finish dinner the kids are both talking about “and next we have devotion.” 🙂 Sometimes the negativeness inside of me, though, makes me wonder if it’s worth it as we wrestle Christian or he runs the room with a loud vocal stim (to the point where I wonder if anyone can actually hear me read) or he rattles on about “Nick and Jr wearing costumes for Halloween.” My soul lets out a sigh of a prayer – Lord, please let your Word reach my boy.

Yesterday afternoon I got the encouragement that I needed to know that Christian is being reached. Christian ran into the kitchen while I was working on supper. In his hands, he was carrying his beloved “Nick” and “Jr” Lego creations. He bumped over to me and said, “Nick and Jr having devotion.” Wanting to make sure that I had heard him correctly, I asked, “They are having devotion?” Christian ran out of the room repeating what he had first told me. My son’s most beloved creations were having devotion. It is confirmed that devotion is important to Christian. It is reaching him. Lord, forgive me for my doubt.