My eyes welled up with tears tonight (tears of joy) as I read the note that came home with Christian about his day at school…

[general note for his whole CD classroom] It was a very fun day!! Everyone enjoyed the [roller]skating. I was amazed on how well everyone did. Our 5th grade buddies were there to help and made it even better. After lunch we had recess with our regular ed. classes then played games, had snacks, and watched movies. What a great day to celebrate our great kids and school. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Miss J

[personal note about Christian’s day] Christian did awesome skating. He really enjoyed and LOTS of great talking. Watched Rio in 2nd grade and was able to stay the whole time!!! It was a great day. He should be tired tonight! Did great at recess with his 2nd grade class, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am SO THANKFUL for days like these. 🙂