OK. This post is about 1-1/2 months overdue on this blog, but Christian’s service dog, Pixar, is here!

There has been LOTS of adjusting for ALL of us, but things are going well.

This is Christian's favorite picture of himself and Pixar. (This was taken on the first day that she visited us at our house.)

Christian and Pixar in public access training. Christian is starting to get the hang of holding onto a leash.

Pixar in her stylin' autism service dog vest and puzzle piece collar.

I haven’t written much about Pixar on our family blog, but she has a whole separate blog devoted to our journey in bringing her into our family. You can visit that blog at http://paws4christian.wordpress.com . We also have a Facebook page titled, “Paws 4 Christian”. It is an open group. Feel free to join if you’d like to continue to receive updates about our adventures with an autism service dog.