…in a good way. 🙂

Things are continuing to go well for Christian at school. We are still hearing very positive news about his days, even though Christian is currently working on cutting an evil tooth. (“Evil” since it has been working its way in for the last SIX months! I believe we are nearing the poke-through stage. Hooray!!!)

Yesterday, Brian and I met with his 10-person IEP team to build goals for the next 12 months of school. We have many new faces on the team this year, many whom we hadn’t met before, so I was nervous, yet excited for this meeting. His IEP team is amazing. Every one of them truly cares about Christian and longs to see him achieve. I feel SO BLESSED to have such loving people surrounding my special little man daily.

There was one fantastic moment that stands out in my mind from our meeting, though. A story that his teacher shared with the group…

They have been working on communication skills in his classroom, especially about how it is important to look other people in the eyes when talking with them. So, they had taken pictures of each of his classmate’s sets of eyes (9 total) and put them in a book. Christian correctly identified all 9 sets correctly (with no other facial features exposed). When asked to identify each of his classmates when given a full-body picture of the person, he only got 7 out of the 9 correct.

I was floored! Christian rarely looks at someone directly in their eyes unless prompted or he really, really wants something from them. But he knew all 9 of his classmates by their eyes only!

This is totally awesome to me! 😀 I can’t stop smiling when I think about this accomplishment! 😀