As detailed happy notes come home from school everyday, I can’t help but share them. Here was today’s…

Christian was high energy this morning. Lots of running around, but still focused at table activities. He went to the bean bag chair at free time and fell asleep. [Oops. Apparently I forgot to let them know that Christian had been up since 12:30! The med & sleep issue that I thought we had figured out when I wrote this post is not totally true. 😦 ] He slept for an hour and got up, finishing off the day just fine. [Former teaching assistant] J[first name] P[last name] visited today. She was surprised at her greeting from Christian. He went up and initiated, “Hi, J[first name] P[last name]!” 😀

We were SO unaware that Christian knew the last names of his teachers and assistants at school! A big reminder to all of us that Christian knows and understands SO MUCH MORE than what we think he does. I love rejoicing everyday with each new step he takes. God is good! 🙂