One of my hubby’s favorite past times is fishing.  He LOVES to fish.  To get out by the water and throw a line in.  When we were told about a kid’s fishing tournament on Father’s Day, it seemed like the perfect way to spend the day.

Unfortunately, it was POURING rain in the morning.  Then was NO WAY that we were going to convince the kids to stand out there in that weather!  Thankfully, the weather channel was calling for an hour break in the rain, so we waited and waited.  Just like the weather channel said, it stopped and we ran out of the house hoping to convince a few to try our worms. 🙂

Christian didn’t take long to catch the first fish of the day. 🙂  He was SO proud!

His next fish wasn’t too far behind…

Not to be left out, Olivia caught this BIG perch!

Christian’s last fish put up at good fight!

After 45 minutes of fishing, we had to hop into our cars and race across town to get to the weigh-in on time!  As they were tallying the final results, we ate and they handed out door prizes for all of the kids.  They were SO excited!

Liv won a fishing pole!

Christian won a tackle box (that he wasn't about to hand off to anyone else).

After the door prizes, the winners for each category were announced.  To our surprise…

Olivia won for the largest perch! 🙂 She was SO proud!

Christian won for the largest bluegill and rock bass/warhead. (Only one trophy per child, though.)

And as proud as the kids were of their fishing accomplishments (a.k.a. trophies), I think that their daddy was even more proud to see his children have such success at something that he enjoys SO much!  Happy Father’s Day, Brian, to the best daddy that our kids could have! 🙂