Christian had an opportunity to play in a Dream Catchers softball game today.  It was an awesome, fantastic, amazing event.  Young men from our local baseball league were paired up with kids of varying abilities who normally wouldn’t have the chance to play organized baseball/softball.  These young men were absolutely wonderful buddies.  And Christian’s buddy was a PERFECT match for him.  (And so, SO patient! 😉 )

Christian and his buddy, Justin

The game was started with each person’s name (and buddy) read over the PA as they took the field.

After a coin toss, Christian’s team took to the field first.

Christian started off as "pitcher."


And then decided that he needed a first inning nap. 😉

When his team was up to bat, Christian was at the top of the batting order.

(A picture of Christian at bat even made it into our local paper!)

It was a HOT day, so Christian decided to walk the bases. 😉

So proud upon making it home. 🙂

Did I mention that it was a HOT day???  Grandma saved the day with a Slush Puppy for in the bullpen.

The teams played for two innings.  It was the perfect amount of time, about an hour, especially considering that it was a HOT day.  At the end of the game, everyone took to the field for an awards ceremony.

Christian and Justin, post game. Each player received a trophy, a Mercury hat, and their team shirts for FREE!

Brian couldn’t have been prouder to see his boy play ball.  It is one of Brian’s favorite sports.  We are thrilled that Christian had the opportunity to play!  🙂