Christian is finally cutting his top front teeth! 🙂

You might ask how I know this for sure (as we’ve been wondering about them for the last six months)…

Well, yesterday morning Christian woke me up by violently banging his forehead against mine.  I didn’t understand why he was doing this.  I just got super annoyed and rolled over attempting to claim any last stakes in sleepland that I could.  A few minutes later, he started violently banging his forehead into the base of my skull.  Over and over and over.  I still wasn’t understanding (in my defense, it was 4am!), so he grabbed my index finger and shoved it into his mouth pressing it firmly into his top gumline.

Oh! (My brain kicked in!) Your mouth hurts!  I get it!  Do you want medicine?

Christian grunted out a yes as he continued to bang his head into the couch.

After a dose of Tylenol and a finger-full of orajel (which he absolutely hates!), he stopped the constant banging and started happily building with his Legos. 


I pray that his teeth come in quickly so that his pain will subside.

I am also super curious to see what Christian thinks of his new front teeth.  He hasn’t had any up there for over 4-1/2 years!!!  He relearned to talk without those teeth in place.  This could be HUGE!  (I’ll keep you posted. 😉 )