Christian had a dentist appointment this morning.  I was a “little” bit nervous.  Our dentist is a 1/2 hour drive north up the highway from where we live.  Christian gets anxious enough any time we have to travel on the highway and pass the exit where we would get off when we visit the dentist.  Little panic attacks until we pass it.  So, getting from the car into the dentist office has never been easy.  Getting from the waiting room to the exam room even more difficult.  Getting through the doorway of the exam room and into the dental chair even more traumatic.  For both of us.  He usually fights me like he is fighting for his life.  We usually are both more than ready to bolt out the door the minute the doc finishes up.

But today, Today was different.  He didn’t panic when I mentioned the dentist’s name many times this morning.  (The dentist’s name  is actually on his iPad under the category “my doctors,” which he actually looks at quite often!)  He didn’t panic when we got off the highway.  He walked with me from the car to the office.  He didn’t ask to leave as we sat/danced in the waiting room.  He walked back to the exam room!  Only once saying, “We go now?”  I had to help him into the chair.  He was still quite nervous, but he wasn’t fighting me.  He wasn’t dripping wet with sweat.  He wasn’t clawing at me like he was fighting for his life.  He opened his mouth willingly for the dentist.  And we were done in record time because it wasn’t a struggle (and NO cavities!! :)).  And while Christian was relieved to be out of the dental chair, he didn’t want to leave the office.  He would have happily hung out in the waiting room for the rest of the day.  I am SO PROUD of him!!! 😀  I couldn’t be happier about the way this morning played out. 😀

On the way home, Christian was rewarded with a blue icee.  They’re his absolute favorite. 🙂

I pray that his visit in October is just as successful! 🙂