For the last week my fingers have spent time poised over the keyboard, but unsure of what to blog about.  We have been on a rollercoaster as of late.  Super great things.  Super frustrating things.  I’ve been stumped as to whether I should share the good or the bad (or just the totally disgusting).  In lieu of a decision, I have just stared at the screen and logged back off.

We have reached the height of continued VERBAL communication.  I could NOT be more excited!  I LOVE to hear Christian’s sweet little voice.  To hear his humor.  To get a taste of his personality.  It leaves me longing for more.  I know it will come, but now that we’ve witnessed it I just can’t get enough.  I pray that this communication will continue flourish.  It is nothing short of a miracle, especially the way that it has come on so quickly.  We praise God for this blessing so that we can better understand our son.

Yet, we have hit a downward slide in other aspects of our lives…  Toileting issues have returned with a vengeance.  Sleep has become a major problem, as there has not been much of it.  Incidents of dashing off have escalated at school, where there had been NO problems with that this year.  Sassiness and tantrums overtake parts of the days.  Frustration ensues.  Sanity attempts to fly away.  [Sigh.]

I guess, though, the good and the bad remind me not to take even the smallest of things for granted.  In everything lies a lesson.  Lessons in patience.  Humility.  Patience.  Trust.  Patience.  Contentment.  Patience.  Mercy. Patience.  (and so much more)  Lessons that I may not have been willing to learn in a different way.  The Lord knows me so well.  For that I am grateful and pray that my pride will allow me to rejoice in his lessons in whatever form they may come.