Our intention in pursuing an iPad for Christian was to have it as a communication device for him.  To teach him how to use it for when he is too tired to talk, can’t find the words, the words won’t come out, etc.  It is amazing for that!

The ironic thing that is happening, though, is that since he received his iPad he has been communicating more with us VERBALLY!  This is totally HUGE and awesome and overwhelmingly fantastically unexpected!!!  Most of the phrases that he is using are scripted (especially from the cartoon, “Peppa Pig”), but he is using them at appropriate times!  Hooray!!!  [insert all sorts of happy dancing and cartwheeling here!]

Here are some of my favorites from the last couple days:

*”Daddy, I’m definitely not extremely tired!” with a BIG smile on his face. 😉

*Liv got a new piggy bank for her birthday.  Christian grabbed her old one and was trying to shake something out.  I helped him recover a couple dollars.  He said, “I want some of that!”  Then, “Dollar!”  Grandma gave him one.  He put it back in the bank and said, “It’s like money in the bank!”  Then he asked for “more” and followed Grandma out the door when she was leaving asking, “Money? Money?” 😉

*”I need vacation!”

*”To church. To [Mc]Donald’s. To waterpark.”  (What he thought his schedule should be on Sunday.)

*”I love McDonalds! And I want cheeseburger. It’s true!”