Wading through the stacks…

…the binders…

…endless reports, evaluations, assessments,treatments, applications, program information, requests, news articles, denials, IEPs…


Painful.  Hopeful.

This week, I had to add to the binder(s) as the trimester report came home from school.

I had forgotten that it was coming.  Kind of excited to see it.  Knowing the great things that we are starting to see at home, I was expecting to see that reflected in his days at school.

Yet, every page was littered with the letters, “MP”.  “Minimal Progress.”  So, I read the explanations and my heart sank.  Frequently removed from reading group because of disruptive behavior, especially volume control.  Struggles attending to academic tasks.  Rarely making it 3 minutes without adult redirection.  [sigh]

I admit, it has been a difficult stretch of the school year.  We started meds.  Changed the dose.  Changed it again.  Tried a different form.  Christian has been loosing teeth.  Growing new ones.  Suffering through colds, sinus infections, and ear aches.  We have struggled with getting dressed and getting on the bus in the mornings.  It has been a LONG winter.  For everyone.

I am praying that this last trimester of this school year starts to look up.  The teeth are on their way in.  Christian is starting to feel better.  It will be SPRING tomorrow.  Christian is learning how to use his iPad to communicate.  He is more willing to try new things in the last couple of weeks than I remember him being since he was a baby.  My heart is overflowing with hope.

Please, teachers, hang in there.  Christian is coming.  He is struggling, but he is coming.  Cheer him on.  I promise you that he will not give up.  And neither will his family.