Christian has a favorite pair of pants.  He wears them every day.  They are black and fleece.  Comfy.

Yesterday, after school, Christian had therapy (as usual).  It was a beautiful day and Christian really wanted to play outside.  However, he was dressed in just a t-shirt and shorts.  He did not want to get dressed.  He did want to go outside.  What would he do???

After Christian remained thoroughly set on going out, but not wanting to be dressed appropriately, BB made a list of clothing that Christian would have to put on and then he would be allowed outside.  Christian is a little more accepting of a list telling him what to do than a person.  Fine.  So, we found the socks, the shoes, his jacket, and favorite pants.  The pants were the problem.

We dug through his dresser and room looking for other pants.  No.  No.  No.  No.  Christian came over as I opened the bottom drawer of his dresser, looked in, and pulled out a pair of jeans.



This is a child who has never worn a pair of jeans in his life unless they were overalls.  I was in shock.

Christian sat down on the floor and started putting them on.  Right over the shorts.  The jeans looked small.  I wasn’t sure that they would go on, especially over the shorts.  But he got them on and I got them buttoned.  BB and I looked surprised. 

He had his pants on, so out he went to play.

As soon as he came in, off they went.  (That’s pretty typical of all pants! 😉 )

Since then he has been willing to put on jeans before leaving the house. 

(And today at the store I found a pair that aren’t quite so snug. 😉 Yay!)

Christian in his new jeans.