We enrolled Christian in swimming lessons on Saturday mornings for his safety and our peace of mind.  He is highly attracted to water.  Puddle.  Ocean.  Bucket of water.  Lake.  They are all equal in his mind and therefore are all treated the same.  Jumped in.  Oblivious to any danger that may exist in doing so.   We are blessed that this is one-on-one swimming instruction.  Christian is getting the attention that he needs (especially around the pool, ‘cuz ya know, he’s a runner, too).  We are also happy that this gives him a scheduled weekly outing beyond church and school.

We would have been the unfairest parents ever if we didn’t find a class for Liv to take, too.  She is starting to get more jealous of things that Christian has (because of his needs that we otherwise wouldn’t own).  Thankfully, I found the answer — “Little Steppers” dance class.  It runs during the same hour as Christian’s swim class, in the same building, for the same number of weeks,  and she loves to dance.  Perfect.