My blog title, “To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep…,” hasn’t been tested much as of late.  This is a very good thing!  🙂  Some have even suggested that I may actually have to consider changing the name…

…well, do not fear, dear readers!  Christian will make sure that this title will still be an appropriate snapshot of our life!  😉

Wednesday, 9:30pm — Christian falls asleep.  🙂

Wednesday, 11:30pm — I decide to finally force myself to stop tinkering and drift off to “dreamland.”

Thursday, 12:30am — Christian awakens me.  (I am certain that it must be at least 3 in the morning considering the “warp speed” of the child who woke me!)  I stumble to kitchen, read the clock, realize the actual time, am told by Papa that speedy child is “warm to the touch,” check the temp of racing child (who is teething — 3 new teeth), administer meds (with the help of Papa), say “re-night” (“good night” again) to Papa, grab a blanket, and settle down on the couch hoping for sleep soon.

Now Christian is literally bouncing off of furniture and walls, so I relent and turn on Nick Jr. as it usually induces relaxation and “zonation” at this hour of day night in a certain someone.  I close my eyes and pray a prayer of thanks for the 24 hr. preschool television programming and (more importantly) that my bouncing boy will doze.  Soon.

I attempt sleep.

Alas, Christian’s sleep needs are NOT equalling my sleep needs. 

He continually pounces on me, prods me for keys (NOT happening!), sits on my head, stands on my legs, hits me with food (as in, “Hey, open this piece of cheese for me, Mom!”), etc.  Repeat.  And repeat again.  ALL through the night.

Christian shows NO sign of slowing down, NO sign of tiredness, nor sickness.

I make the executive decision to put him on the bus, when it arrives, even though I know that Christian will most likely want to sleep the day away at school.

However, I shouldn’t have worried.  Christian remarkably stayed awake the entire day and actually had a supurb day at school.  Wowzer!

I assume that this means that Christian will doze off during therapy.  It has happened before.  But Christian proves me wrong again.

So, how long did Christian stay up???

Until 9:30pm.  He curled up on Brian’s lap and the two of them drifted off together.  🙂

I struggled to stay awake all day.  I had to put 200% concentration into everything that needed to be done.  Yet, in the midst of this never-ending day, a friend of mine stole me away for an afternoon of pampering — a pedicure, foot rub, paraffin hand dip, chocolate, and adult conversation.  It was completely lovely and luxurious.  And so much needed.

I’m sure that tomorrow will be even more of a struggle to stay awake and make cohesive sense out of anything, as the second day always seems to hit me harder than the first.  And I am praying that Christian will actually sleep for at least 8 hours tonight.  I also promised myself that I wouldn’t stay up as late.

But whatever happens, I do have really pretty toes.  🙂

*Update — Christian slept for 9 hours last night!  Hooray!!! 🙂  (And my toes are still pretty. 😉 )