THEE iPad…

…probably one of the greatest technological advances in the world of autism.  Seriously.  These devices are giving voice to people who have not had their actual thoughts/feelings/wants/needs/desires known before.  An honestly amazing item.

I started writing grants for an iPad for Christian last August.  iPads were really just gaining notoriety in the world of communication aids at the time.  When you think about it, iPads make so much more sense.  Traditional communication devices are bulky, “uncool”, and expensive ($8000+).  iPads are portable, chic, and much more cost-efficient.

Anyway, we were waiting to hear about our latest grant request when we were approached by a local group who had “heard” about Christian.  They wanted to give Christian a voice, yet remain anonymous.  So they donated the iPad, case, and the essential apps that we needed to get started. 

I am overwhelmed by their generosity. 

I wish I could give them the images from my mind of how his face lit up when he saw it.  How he immediately knew how to use it.  How he was able to get the endless list of credits out of his fingers and into the “notes” so that he could work on other things.  How he could use it to ask for things that he wants or needs.  How he could pull up his prayers that are part of his daily routine.  These pictures are beautiful.  I am forever grateful for being able to witness them. 

Thank you.

And to all of you, who prayed on Christian’s behalf, that he would be granted this technology, thank you.  Prayers are powerful.