A new challenge has been added to our morning routine — getting out the door to the bus. 

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?!?  Christian likes riding the bus.  At least he used to.  Once I get him ON the bus, we have no problems.  I am at a loss, though, for why it has been a fight to the core every morning for the last couple of weeks.  I really wish he could communicate with me why things have changed.

I have to hide things as I’m getting all of his school items together or he will run off and hide them all over the house.  Like putting his shoes in a dresser drawer, his pants under his pillows, his socks in a bathroom drawer, his lunch on a random shelf, his jacket in the basement, his hat under the couch … anyway, you probably get the idea.

So, I have to be sneaky, hiding his items on me or near the door so that when the bus comes, we can be prepared.  It used to only take a call, “The bus is here.  Time to go,” and he’d come running to get his clothes, jacket, etc. on and try to race me out the door.

Now when I make my announcement, it sends him running in the other direction.  Hiding in his room.  Dropping to the floor.  Insisting that he is “Baby Christian.”  Kicking, screaming, and hitting if I attempt to get him dressed in the house.  Hanging onto the door frames as hard as possible, hoping that will cause me to fail from getting him outside.  [Sigh.]

I have resorted to carrying a flailing Christian (and ALL of his necessary items for school) out to the bus and getting him dressed once boarded.  I am extremely grateful for an understanding bus driver, but I am so exhausted of going through this bizarre “routine.”

Again, I wish he could just tell me what the problem is — he doesn’t want me to drive him to school, so what is it? — does the bus make him feel sick?  does he just want to stay home?  does he just want to snuggle me?  am I doing something in an order that drives him crazy? …

I pray that some day he will be able to explain it to me.  Until then, I’m at a loss.