[Mama] is sneaky (for now). Ha ha! Take that meds!!! — Facebook update this afternoon

I guess that my FB status could be a bit cryptic if you were unaware of our recent issues with Christian’s Catapres patches.  He no longer tolerates them.  I/We knew that it would only be a matter of time before we got to that point (especially since he totally disdains band-aids), but it seemed like this point just arrived so quickly.  [sigh]

We knew something had to change when I picked up Christian from school yesterday and they asked why he didn’t have his patch on.  What?  I had just put it on him Sunday night!  They also told me that he was asked to leave reading because his vocal stimming (i.e. “happy yodeling”) was disrupting the class.  I was shocked and felt like someone had just punched me in the gut.  (That had never happened before.  Especially this year!  Reading had been going so well.)

As soon as my butt hit the seat of my car, my heart let out a prayer of desperation (that probably sounded much more like a sigh) and I immediately called our family doctor.  We NEED to do something.  This is NOT working anymore.  We were hoping for a liquid med that we could mix with water or juice or (if needed) soda.  The office would get back to us.

Closing time passed and I hadn’t heard from them, so I snuck into Christian’s room late last night and popped yet another patch on his back.  Thankfully it was still there this morning.  Thankfully it stayed on until he got on the bus.  Then I prayed that it would stay on ALL day at school.

Shortly after Christian left, the nurse called and said that the doctor would like to use the tablet form of Catapres.  Crush it.  Slip it in something.  Do this TWICE per day.  Huh???  Are you CRAZY???  This is a boy who is aware of us hiding powdered meds in applesauce, italian ices, and ice cream.  He checks his drinks.  He is onto us trying to play the game of putting “special ingredients” in his food.  (He is ABSOLUTELY NOT willing to swallow liquid meds or tablets.)  Brian and I were in doubt that this would work at all.  We were prepared to call her again tomorrow asking to try something else.

But as Christian and I drove from Walgreens to pick up Liv from school, I started my desperation prayer again…Why did our doctor do this?  This is TOTALLY not going to work.  Why do we have to go through this?  How long will it take to find another medicine that works?  What will we be able to sneak this med into that we know Christian will ingest completely? Help!  Please…”

Then an answer came — toast.  Toast!  Yes!  I can crush the tablets and sprinkle the “dust” over his freshly buttered toast!  It should be fairly invisible!  He LOVES his toast!  The cinnamon raisin flavor should help cover the “dusty” taste.  Perfect!  As soon as Christian pulls his current patch off, I’ll try this idea out! 🙂

Well, it didn’t take long.  After being at home for 15 minutes, Christian pulled off his patch and threw it away.  I sprang into action.  Dusting the toast.  Tiny bits visible, but not bad at all.


He ate it.  No second glances.  No gagging.  Haha!  IT WORKED!!! 🙂  Hooray!  And I can do this twice a day!!!!! 😀

And the benefits to a tablet is being able to use half doses as well.  We could try the 1-1/2 tablets that my gut tells me will be the perfect fit for him.

So, I’m feeling pretty sneaky right now.  Secret Agentish.  And thanking God for an answer that is currently working.

Oh, and, PLEASE do NOT tell Christian!  It’s a secret!