Yep.  The cutest puppy ever.  Christian’s service dog. 🙂

We had all intentions of naming her, “Ubu.” 

Last week, before we saw the picture of her, I had a dream that we named her, “Pixar.”

Yeah, that sounds like a name that Christian would pick.  (Well, “Ubu” does, too.  Both are production companies.  A passion of Christian’s.)

Anyway, after looking at the picture a little more, I got to thinking that we never really asked Christian if he had a preference of dog name for HIS dog.  Well, he’d probably just name it, “Dog,” but his therapist this afternoon and I asked him (on numerous occasions) if he would rather name his dog, “Ubu” or “Pixar”.  Say it out loud.  Circle it.  Etc.  I wanted to be sure I understood that he was making the decision.

He did.

His dog will be named “Pixar.”  I love it! 🙂