I’m kind of under the weather again.  (Boo!)  So, I’ve decided to just bullet-point some thoughts that have been consuming my mind lately.

  • As much as we have (and even more so school) appreciated the “impulse control” of Christian’s Catapres patch, we observed over Christmas break just how sedated Christian is while on it.  And SO weepy! 😦  Brian and I have talked to our family doctor and have decided to scale back to the “half dose” and give it more time.  (Originally, we only gave it a week before upping it to the full dose.)  We hope Christian will still have some impulse control without having to be so weepy and uncommunicative.  Christian started back on the half dose this afternoon.  We’ll see how it goes.
  • I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE reusable shopping bags.  Lots of errand running today and no plastic bags to show for it!  Yay!  😀
  • We found out this afternoon that Christian’s application for an iPad grant was denied.  While I’m not overly surprised, I am disappointed.  I actually wanted to cry when I opened the letter and read that.  I will have to keep my eyes/ears open for any more such grants in  2011.  With iPads (or iPod Touch) finally getting recognized as a viable (and MUCH LESS expensive) communication tool for who have trouble communicating verbally, hopefully more grants will be available in the coming year.
  • Registration for next school year is coming quickly!  We know where Christian will continue to go to school (and LOVE it there), we are trying to figure out where to send Olivia for Kindergarten.  I know where I’d like her to go, but am not sure if that is a logistically possible option.  Sigh.
  • I’m REALLY planning on running a half-marathon and am hoping to actually sign up for TWO of them in the near future.  Crazy??  Perhaps.  But I’m actually pretty excited about it. 🙂
  • Eggnog rocks.  ‘Nough said. 😉
  • I’m sad to be losing yet another of Christian’s awesome therapists. 😦  This makes me a bit nervous about making our monthly hours (but probably not as much as our senior therapist!).  I’m praying that God has a good replacement in mind.
  • I received a cream cheese cookbook as a Christmas gift.  Everything looks SO yummy (especially the desserts)!  Who wants to come over so that I have a reason to make cheesecake?!?  (‘Cuz with my planning on running for 13.1 miles there is NO WAY that I can eat cheesecake all spring and still be able to move! ;))
  • And I’d really, Really, REALLY like to try raw milk with (at least) Christian sometime this year…