Brian and I received a postcard over the weekend from Christian’s adaptive PE teacher.  It read…

Just a note to say how well Christian did in PE today!  It was our 1st day rollerskating and he did great!  Christian did so well during our 1:1 session, we had him join the 1st grade class, too!  He skated for 45 minutes!  He is able to put on a helmet, wrist guards, and skated with minimal assistance.  He can stand up and sit down safely, too.  We skated on mats, but I’m sure he will be off them in no time!  Way to go, Christian!  Sincerely, Ms. ST

😀  I could hardly contain my excitement upon receiving and reading this account of his day!  Thank you, Ms. ST, for taking the time to let us know how well Christian did! 🙂