Our family was gifted with a membership to a local gym for the next six months.  A true godsend.  Really. 

I have renewed my committment to running a 1/2 marathon before September 2011.  I am actually considering running 2 in May.  (I figure if I can get myself into that kind of shape, I might as well run more than one! 😉 )  I have my eyes set on another “fun run” in September and one more 1/2 marathon in November to round out my “year on the run.” 😉

I have been finding myself at the gym quite frequently.  Attempting to get my sluggish body back into some sort of decent shape.  (Actually, I’m quite enjoying it.  I pushed myself to run a couple of 5K’s last week.  The second one felt great!! 😀 )  Usually, I go after I drop Liv off at school and before I need to pick-up Christian.  More than once I have found myself missing something when I get into the locker room — gym shorts, a towel, extra socks, a brush, underwear — However, I felt myself super embarrassed after getting out of the shower on Sunday afternoon and realizing that I had forgotten my brassiere (or “boobie-holder” if you ask Liv) at home.  There was no way that I was putting my sweaty one back on.  My face was bright red with embarrassment, so I finished dressing and strategically carried my sweatshirt in front of me hoping that no one would be the wiser and figuring that my errands could wait for another day. 

I think that I’ll be much more thorough in checking my bag before I leave for the gym again in the future!