We’ve been fortunate this year.  We made it to the last day of November to get our first “real” snowfall.  You know, the kind that actually stays on the ground (even if it’s just a dusting).

I have to admit that it’s pretty.  This dusting of snow.  A light blanket of white.  Little flakes dancing through the air.  Beautiful.

However, along with the snow comes horrible sleep for C.  Even with two patches on last night, he was up (and wildly so) from 1-4am.  Seriously.  [Sigh]  While, I’m thankful that he went back to sleep and that he seems up and going (as usual) for the day, this mama is a walking zombie.  My brain is in a terrible fog.  My body is aching all over.  My eyes feel like they need toothpicks to stay open.  Yeah.  It’s going to be one of those kind of days.

And this is why I loathe the snow.  And it’s not even officially winter yet.  [sigh]  I guess I’ll just have to sit back with a (MEGA) cup of coffee today and enjoy the beauty of it…