Last week, I was asked by Christian’s teacher about my view of medication.  I know what that meant.  It’s a nice way of saying that she thought that C could benefit from some sort of medication to help him focus at school.  I’m a former teacher.  I understand.  And I knew what she was getting at, yet I was still surprised to hear it.

As soon as C started therapy for the afternoon, I jumped on the computer and researched and researched and researched.  Looking for the best fit for C with the least amount of side effects.  I spent hours on the computer.  I came to my conclusions and shared them with Brian along with the information to back up my thinking.  We have pretty much made up our minds as to which med we would like to try.

So, now on Tuesday, we will meet with our family doctor and discuss our options.  I have no idea where she is on the medication spectrum and how she feels about prescribing meds for issues other than their marketed purpose.  I hope that she will hear us out.  I plan on coming armed with my reports from the internet.

We are planning to ask for clonidine patches.  They are supposed to reduce the “fight-flight” function (which is incredibly strong in C), reduce sensory sensitivity, and help with attention, focus and calmness.  That all sounds too good to be true!  (The biggest side effects for this med listed: sleepiness, dizziness, or crankiness.  I will take this over addiction, poor liver function, seizure risk, etc. any day!)

Brian and I are praying that this is a wise decision and that Christian’s school and home life will improve with the proper medication helping him.

If any of you have tried a clonidine (Catapres) regimen, I would love to hear what you thought of it.