Since school has started Olivia has been singing like crazy.  Songs from school.  Songs from home.  Songs from the radio.

Once the kids were born, I really started hearing the words in the songs that I was listening to on the radio.  I was shocked.  The tunes were so catchy that I often didn’t realize that I was singing along to songs that were SO off base with my beliefs.  Would I want my kids to be singing these words?  Even if they didn’t understand what they meant?  Absolutely not!

From that point on, if we have the radio playing in the car, it is tuned to the Christian radio station.  (Unless Brian’s with us.  Then it’s usually tuned to AM sports radio.)  I love watching my kids dance in the backseat to songs about heaven, God’s deep love, grace, peace, forgiveness, etc.  And Olivia’s been singing along. I love it! 😀