Because of Christian’s ability to throw his weight around unexpectedly when upset, I have not been able to wear my wedding/engagement rings in years.  It always seems to cut him pretty deeply.  I know that our various female therapists/teachers have had the same problem throughout the years.  My beautiful ring is locked safely away.

Shortly after Christian was born (mostly because of my swollen hands at the time), Brian and I had bought a simple, yet lovely “stand-in” ring.  It was just silver with no decorations, but I loved it and wore it proudly.  I never really got out of it, except for special occasions when I would exchange it for my sparkling gorgeous band.

Three years ago, when we were apartment living, I had taken my stand-in ring off to wash the dishes.  As I finished, I picked up my ring to put it on and it slipped and bounced off the floor.  It bounced right up under the cabinets and behind the baseboard.  Sigh.  There was no way of fishing it out without ripping out the baseboards.  Was it worth it for a $10 ring?  Probably not.  But I was still so disappointed.  So many memories wrapped up in that piece of metal.

After a few other replacement rings that didn’t wear well and turned my finger green, Brian gave me a silver band that says “FAITH” last Christmas.  His parents gave me one that read “LOVE.”  I love these rings.  Such wonderful reminders every time I glance down at my hand.  For my birthday, Brian completed the set.  He added “HOPE.”

If I have to wear something other than my wedding/engagement rings, I’m glad that it is this…