Thee obsession still reins.

I was tired of being asked to produce “Nick Jr Toaster” on the computer over and over again.  And even more tired (if that’s possible) of being asked to repeatedly draw them on a doodleboard only to be erased a few minutes later and asked to draw it again.  (I was no longer willing to reproduce this every five minutes.  Yep, I wished I had a pair of earplugs…)

So, last night, while playing legos with Christian he asked me to draw “Nick Jr Toaster” again.  Instead, I started to pull legos out of the bin and began building a toaster.  Christian seemed to figure out where I was going with this and was exceptionally thrilled. 🙂

I did the best I could with the blocks that we have.  As soon as I was finished, Christian started acting out the scene!  I LOVE it!  (And he hasn’t asked me to draw “Nick Jr Toaster” since.  Whew. 😉 )

This is what we came up with…

(We dont' have many orange blocks. Thankfully, he was willing to compromise with the alternating red/orange. 🙂 )