Christian started his first day of first grade today.  Wow!  All of August, he would go to the window every morning, look for the bus, and ask for “Roberts School.”  Everyday I would have to say, “Not yet, buddy.  [#] more days before school.”  I was hoping that his want for the bus and his school would continue straight into the school year.

But, this morning, he started panicking when he saw me packing his lunchbox.  He started requesting, “Bible School!”  He did not want to eat anything.  He was not interested in drinking anything.  He nervously built with his legos, looking out the window every few minutes.  He did get dressed for me without any problems, even willing picking between two choices of shirts and two choices of shorts. 

When the bus pulled in the driveway, he grabbed his shoes and ran out the door.  As worried as he looked, he jumped right now, sat down, and allowed me to buckle him in.

Off to school he went…with only a 20 minute drive this year!  Yay! 😀

After Christian was on his way, Liv and I planned out our morning together.  First she would paint while I computed.  Then we’d tackle mixing up some rice crispy bars.  Pick out an outfit for seeing her classroom and meeting her teacher today.  Etc.  All of the sudden, I realized that I no longer had my keys in my pocket. 

Oh man.


Those keys are a necessity in our home.  Our bedroom door remains locked.  The front door deadbolt is keyed on both sides.  The laundry room door (which leads to the garage) is also locked.  We pretty much lock ourselves into our home (when Christian’s here).  I retraced my steps, knowing that I had them to get Christian out to the bus (having to unlock a door) but not having them 5 minutes later…

…yeah, I left them sitting on the bus when I buckled Christian in.  [sigh]

My lifeline at home

Thankfully Christian’s awesome bus driver called and told me that she had found them! 😀   But even better, was willing to drop them off once she had the kids at school.  [whew]  I was relieved and SO grateful! 🙂  (Thanks, Bus Driver B!)

Liv and  I got down to business then…Rice Crispy Bars!  She loves to make things in the kitchen.

Stirring away (Yes, that is my "Hotties" apron. 🙂 )

Rice Crispy Bars made by Olivia are NOT complete until they are dusted with pink sprinkles! 😉

Now, onto the rest of our day.  I can’t wait to take our excited Liv to her school.  And I am looking forward to hearing how Christian did on his first day back. 🙂