[insert joyous dancing and cartwheeling here :D]

With the help of our therapists and much planning, Christian is wearing clothes during the day again!!!

All summer Christian has decided to live in his jammies or swimsuits.  And that’s it.  (Except if you want to count the times he spent nude.)  I haven’t pushed it.  I made sure to pick out jammies that could pass for clothes when we left the house.  Perhaps it was laziness on my part not to push him, but I didn’t.  I wanted to wait until August.  Until after VBS was finished.  (And I know if I could spend the whole day in my jammies I would, too.)

To make an even BIGGER leap, Christian is NOT wearing overalls.  Yes, you read that correctly!  He is NOT WEARING OVERALLS!!!  Those who are not very familiar with him, may not know what a HUGE deal that is.  But besides his jammies, Christian has REFUSED to wear any other pants that were not overalls for over the LAST THREE YEARS!!!  And I am NOT exaggerating!  I puta pair on him on a very cold January morning back in 2007 —  then there was no turning back…

So, we are REJOICING in this huge step for him!  To go along with this MEGA step is that fact that he is ROTATING outfits (both jammies and clothes) and doesn’t have to wear the same thing every day!!!! 😀  4 pairs of jammies and 3 sets of clothes that he is willing to put on and LEAVE ON! 

A. MAZ. ING.  Woo-hoo!!!!! 😀