Christian is obsessed with youtube. 

If our computer is not locked away, he will find it and attempt to get on his beloved site (even if you are in the middle of a project).  Ack!  It is SO frustrating!  And when he finally gets his hands on it, be prepared for a fight the minute that it needs to be taken away.

Honestly, it was kind of “cute” at first.  We were curious what he would be drawn to.  What he wanted to see so badly.  We weren’t surprised…

20th Century Fox intro (is what he usually types into the search bar at the top of the screen)


Ubu Productions

CBS Productions

Anchor Bay Entertainment

I’m guessing you get the idea.  I’m sure he could watch these for hours if given the opportunity.  (I have not granted that.)

Yes, I know that we could parental lock it (which we may end up eventually doing), but for now, we enjoy seeing videos that friends put out there.

Oh, Christian, you are just too techno-savvy!