If you don’t want all the details of our Saturday Brat Fry, click here for the straight to the point version.  😉

For those of you who want it all, read on…

I have never run a brat fry before, so I had a hard time falling asleep on Friday night as my mind raced through every detail that I needed to remember the next day.  (Yes, I did make a list.  It didn’t help much, though. 😦 )

Saturday morning, I was running a little bit late (especially for someone who tries to get places 10 minutes early if possible!).  I forgot about an errand that I need to run on my way to the brat fry.  [Sigh]  Thankfully, I didn’t make anyone wait for me at our set-up point.  I pulled in just behind my parents.  [Whew]

We unloaded our vehicles, parked far away, checked in, and started the shopping process.  We had to buy just about everything at the grocery store that we were holding the fry — charcoal, lighter fluid, paper towels, ketchup, mustard, relish, sauerkraut, brats, burgers, cheese, buns, soda, bottled water, etc.  I was glad that they let us buy our first big buy on store credit!  (We just had to settle-up by 1pm.)

After buying our items, we headed back to the “Brat Barn.”  My dad started up the grill (he was an awesome griller for the whole day!), Brian arrived (he had to milk them cows in the mornin’ 😉 ), and my mom, a student of hers, and me started getting the brat barn ready for business.  (I was thankful to have my mom and her student there as they have run a number of brat fries in my hometown and had lots of expertise! 🙂 )

We were open for business around 10:15am. 

We had a nice steady run of people from 11am – 2(ish)pm.  After that, it   was   SO   slow!  Which then gave us time to visit with the people who stopped by, but we had anticipated another rush so I had over-bought a little bit selling only 100 brats and about 50 burgers.  (Brian’s parents stopped by to help and our friends, Jen & George.)  Oh well…

The Most HUGE part of the day was the outpouring of donations that we received for Christian’s dog.  We placed a coffee can up on the counter for anyone who may have wanted to throw in some change.  That “change” made up the majority of our funds!  Amazing!  We counted $425 at the end of the day, which was doubled through matching funds by Thrivent Financial East Fond du Lac Chapter.  Yay!  😀

I have never felt so loved by so many people!  Thank you for all of the donations, supports, thoughts, and prayers!  We feel so extraordinarily blessed! 🙂

"Brat Barn"

I have also never been so happy to sit down!  🙂  Unfortunately, I had a run-in with some bleach on my way out to the sale (I didn’t know about it until later) and ruined one of my favorite tops and my last remaining pair of “good” shorts.  (My other pair of “good” shorts still has putty stuck to the butt. 😦  )  I guess I’ll be wearing skirts for awhile…