We never taught Christian how to read, but he knows.  We never taught him how to spell, but he knows that, too.  (To the point that sometimes I have to consult the dictionary to see if what he spelled is right or actually a word.)

We have been boggled by this ability.  (In a GOOD way! :D)

We have wondered if constantly having the closed captioning on the television helped him learn to read and spell.  We resorted to using closed captioning almost 4 years ago when we could no longer watch a TV program at a reasonable volume level.  Sometimes, Christian actually seemed to get louder the louder that we made the TV.  So, closed captioning became a part of how we utilize that technology.  We have gotten used to it.  Voice and written language being heard/viewed at the same time — yeah, I think that could help someone learn to read.

I don’t think Christian will ever cease to amaze us! 🙂

(The same goes for Liv, too! 🙂 )