Tomorrow is our longest fundraiser — Brat Fry!  (Yes, it’s a Midwest thing. 🙂 )  Brian and I will be gone from 8am-7pm.  That is the longest that I have been away from Christian, well, probably ever!  Seriously.

The hardest thing about having to leave him is the amount of prep that (I feel) has to go into it.  Christian’s special diet — where all of HIS food is located, which toaster is for his bread, how he likes his food cut, which plates he will eat off of, etc.  Where his favorite things are located and what certain words mean.  Where the carpet cleaning supplies are (just in case).  Which key opens which door (our house is constantly on lockdown).  Where extra jammies/undies/etc are.  Etc.  It has to be pretty detailed and specific.  I don’t want to put anyone else through a MAJOR meltdown that we get when we push him out of his comfort zone.  I always keep my phone on me just in case there is a question.  (Many times there is.)

The nice thing is that Liv is old enough now to help with some of that — which songs NOT to sing, what Christian doesn’t like, where certain foods usually are, when he looks like he has to go, etc.  She is a pretty good pair of eyes and ears to have around. 🙂

I’m excited and nervous about tomorrow.  Tonight I’m praying that the day goes smoothly while we are away, that the weather turns out decent, and that we can bring in a good amount of sales towards Christian’s service dog…