I.  am.  tired.

Not a fan of UTIs.  Not mine.  Christian’s.  Not a fan of the constant toileting issues that occur.  Running out of paper towel, carpet cleaner, patience.  Patience is going the fastest.  Not a fan of having to hold a little (strong) body down for the antibiotic shot.  No choice.  Needed to be done.  Now I need to cry.

Not a fan of housework.  It is never finished.  Why even try to keep up?  Toys everywhere.  Dishes piled again.  Did better when washing by hand.  Ironic, but true.  Leaves me disappointed in myself, yet no more motivated to do anything about it.

Not a fan of flies in the house.  Wish they would stop landing on my face.  Need to find the “spanker” (i.e. fly swatter).  Wish outside doors would close by themselves.

Not a fan of teething.  Tired of stepping in pools of spit. 

Need more time in the day.  Not getting sleep at night doesn’t help accomplish list of things to do.  Actually makes it less doable. 

Feeling kind of worthless.  Exhausted.  Stressed.  Small.  Ready to throw in the towel.  Failing.  Crushed.

Needing a hug.  Shoulder to cry on.  Encouragement.  Limitless patience.  Sanity in general.

Psalm 22:19 — But you, O LORD, be not far off; O my Strength, come quickly to help me.